What is love

What is love?
Is it when heart meets heart and they both skip a beat
Do you need to know each other for a long time or Could it happen when two strangers meet?
Is the love of today same as the love of tomorrow
And, does love come with sorrow?
Could you love as there is no tomorrow
Is it love when you feel attraction
Or is it just the horny you when you get into busy-action
Can love grow and can it replicate
Maybe it can change its shape?
I know I love my spouse
But can I love my dear pet mouse?
Can I love more than one at the same time
Or is it just me in a confused state of mind
And if I can fall In love maybe I can fall out...
Without knowing what that was all about
Is it love when I feel jealousy?
Or is it just a great hatred in me
Is it love when I want you to not be with anyone but me
Or when I chose not to be with you and let you be free
What does love mean to you?

Just stand there

I'm standing in the que to the post office, waiting. Another 15 people before my turn and I'm thinking I have time to go to the store and buy some milk just for time pass. But then I thought..I'm just gonna  stay here and wait. Cause how often in this world do we people just stand and do nothing?
Give your soul and body a treat - just stand there.

The shoe must go on!

Who wore this shoe?
Who did they belong to?
Or has it been worn by more than one person..?
Why was it left alone on the street?
happened to the other shoe?
Where did it come from, and where was it heading to?
How many miles has it been walking, and on what roads?
Where did the other shoe go where the other shoe didn't?!
Was she racing against her sister up the stairs when she lost it?
Or was she being chased by a drunken doughnut in the middle of the night?
Was she walking barefoot when the shoe fell out from her bag?
Do they miss each other?
Or was it unwanted..
Is this shoe dead?
How do you know when the soul of a shoe is dead...?


A shoe never dies. But it can change shape and become a new shoe!

Send your old shoes or shoes you
found on the street to greensole in Mumbai and they will make new shoes out of old ones which they give to people who need shoes and sandals.
We all need good support while walking the long and uneven roads in life🙂