The sweetest Eva I have known...

I got a message today from my dear friend and old colleague who told me that the old lady who I had attended to during work had passed away the same day I arrived in India.
When I took care of her she was always very religious of not bothering the staff too much. She wanted to do alot of things on her own. Even if she needed our help sometimes. 
I told her several times that she was the reason I had a job;) And then she'd always laughed..
She had been working as a midwife during the most of her working years, and she is one of the reason I have give my thoughts to do the same... 
I will never forget the last conversation we had... She sat in her sofa, the way she'd always done after every meal, it was a bit difficult to hear her voice, but the only think she wanted to talk aboute and the questions she had was aboute my trip to India.
And just the thought that she died when I arrived here..
I will never forget you, cause you will always have a place in my heart:)
Rest in peace...



Today I should have been at the admission hall to go through my
application. But because of my early arriving to Manipal, everything has already been made. I hope... Tomorrow is my first day at schoool, or It'll be an orientation day to get all useful information before our studies begin.
Yesterday evening I had the chance to talk to my roomie! And she is soooo sweeet and friendly:) We talked for hours, and ofcours I had a lot of questions, but she is so polite and helpful with aswering my questions!
I had one BIG question aboute suitable wearing at school (I've got the feeling that they are very picky of what is suitable, or not), and she told me to go to the Big Bazar in Udupi!
So this day I took the richshaw to Udupi, and had some shoping made;)
The thing with shoping in India is that you kind of learn to make fast desitions. No waiting or time for own thoughts her, oh no... But that was the good thing aboute the Big Bazar. When you could wounder around in your own thoughts, what color would fit with the skirt, do I like that one or the other one etc...
And they literal eat the food with their hands!! Sitting there playing, mixing the rice with the sause, and put it in their mouth. The women do it more with good manners though;)
I doo like to try out new things. How els will you know if you like it or not? And the food, this far, is just delicious:) And I loove masala. Exept for drinking it as a soda. The soda here is sooo much sweeter than coke...!! And I don't even like coke because of it's sweetnes...
So I bought some kurtises and leggins and hope that'll be appropriate enough to wear at school. Maybe there will be a photo;) Anyhow I'll be sweat...


Paperworks are finaly done, I hope;)

I've had some time to read Shantaram. The book is aboute Lin, a man who escape from an prisson in Australia and travels to India, and aboute his thoughts and trials to adapt in the so very diferent culture. And there are so many connections when I read it,  so I guess it's really suitable to read it while I am here;) Additional while reading in english, and that is also the reason I've started to do my bloging in english. To get the languague going;)
Something I quite soon happend to give a notic when I got to India, was the indians way of wriggling with their heads while speaking! And the same think was mentioned in the book.
"Graduately, I realised that the wriggle of the head was a signal to others that carried an amiable and disarming message: I'm a peaceful man. I don't mean any harm." (Shantaram, 2012, p.107)
That very insignificant way of bodylanguage, I must agree with Lin, must be the key of communication with the indian people:) And I've started to use it, already;)
Yesterday I had some clother shoped, but I believe I have to go to Udupi to find some more places to do more. And I've started to get a gripp of the city and the campus area, I hope at least. 
My romie arrived early this morning. And I was glad to know she's in her third year of B.Sc Nursing:) In the morning she had do head of to her first class, but I hope to "pump out" more information from her during our studies:)
I met the Dean of College of Nursing this morning to get my bonafied certificate. She was very friendly (as the most of the staff are:)) and gave me basic information aboute the school and my class. How I, as a forigner, should give extra notic for understanding all the given information. If not I shouldn't be afraid of asking questions! After she had given me the information and the papers I somehow felt really calme. Even though she had told me aboute the possible difficulites in understanding all the knowledge during classes, somewhere insida me a voice told me that as long as I am not affraid of asking questions I'll manage just fine. There will be alot of problems, tons of then. But don't let the fear come in between!!

Time for some chai:)