A dip in my confidence...
Monday - am not able to be at the hospital. And in the evening my roomie told me that she might have to change room...
Tuesday -  I wasn't alowed to enter the library because of what I was wearing...
Wednesday - During a BP check my client got a bit of pain in her arm related to my unawareness during the examination by puting more focus on the BP-apparatus than my client...
Thuresday - Tired, but feeling better after a much better day at the hospital. Got some smiling faces from the children while I was taking their BP (am getting a hang of it now;)), and they got to play doctor with my stetoscope;)
Oh boy what I've learned a lot during a week that is not even over...


Like a walking virus...
Today was suppose to be my first day at the hospital. But as life in general always gives you unexpected happenings, so even this day turned out to be one of those. Most of the times I welcome surprises, as long as they give joy to the day of course...
There were so many new expresions given to us during our walk to the ward; signs, staffs, patients lying on the floor, hospital units transported in the corridores, patients beeing transfered from one ward to another...
I had been there for about twenty minutes, until two of my teachers asked me to come with them...
So.. two days ago the teacher told me to go to the doctor to check my mouth herpes that I, unfortunately, got last week.. I admit it is not a beautiful view, the soars I got, but I am so use to it. And it doesn't bother me much. And after been working at the old care center, I know the importance of taking extra precaution during work as I've been given care to clients before. And the doctor told me that I didn't have to worry about my clinical postings.
But still,.my teacher they didn't want to take any risk. And they told me that the same virus that causes Herpes also cause Chicken pots...So, I was told to do my clinical posting in the LAB along with one of the teachers during a couple of days until my soars are recovered..
So that was my first clinical posting... In the LAB... my teacher and I. She asked me a lot of questions aboute temperature measuring, made some beds and showed me a different types of recoring papers.
But noo... The story doesn't end yet...
When I came home to the hostel during lunchbreak I was talking to my roomie who told me that she might have to move to a SINGLE ROOM, because of my HERPES!! The reasons why are both understood, and not at all understood... But I am not going to explain the reason of her moving out. My tears could have come any moment when she told me. But I didn't let them... Her moving out is however something we both doesn't want to happen..   
Suddenly I felt like this big virus walking around that actually needs to be kept incubated until it is no longer harmful to it's surroundings...
My teacher had splitted oppinions about my clinical posting.. So there might be a chance for me to go back to the hospital tomorrow though...


First clinical posting!!
Our clinical starts tomorrow at 7.30 am, and yea am kind of exited and terrified at the same time..!
Am posted at K2, whick is a medical surgery ward, and wish me luck!!   


Times of India
Today I bought the newspaper "Times of India" for the first time. And if gave me two surprises while reading it!
My first surprise was that my name and opinion about Manipal University was written in an article aboute MU's high level of forigners comming here, which was the main reason for buying the newpaper;)
The second surprise came while reading an article aboute an exicution that took place yesterday by the Government of India. The idea of India even having exicution as a penalty, was, I guess not a surprise to me, but it made me, indeed, really upset. And I guess it makes me more emotioned while living in the country.
Exicution is something that, for me, was going one thousand years ago in undeveloped societies. And should not, during ANY circumstances, be going one in TODAYS society... It is something that has NO, WHAT SO EVER, legitimicy!! When a government is killing a person that have killed others, making the government do the same crime the perpetrater did - where is the logic in that? Pleace tell me...
The man who got exicuted was a pakistaner who was convicted for a terorist attac in Mumbai. No much doubt that he didn't do it, but that still does not legitimate exicution... 
Despite exicution, the main problems will still be there. It only triggers to more anger and  revenge...


Okey, sooo busy week with an assignment that had to be handled in on thuresday, and upon that I got my first punishment;) Haha! She was asking a question about defecation to a couple of my classmates, and when she didn't get the right answer she asked me to tell the answer. And of course I had lost my focus and wasn't able to answer correct. Soo..we all had to write the answer 25 times, before next class,..
I don't remember that I've got ANY punishment like this in school before, and I really felt like a ten year old girl...!!:D
But what did I get out of that? I will never, ever forget the physiological process of defecation;)
Today I'll get a nice visit all the way from Ahmedabad!;)


Lights for many changes to come;)
Sonia and I, among 2000 other people, lightening sky lanterns at End Point!!
Such a great evening:)
During the time we lightened our sky lanter they were playing "Viva La Vida" by coldplay, and that song will forever remind me of this Diwali evening in India!:) 


Today we celebrate on of the bigest festivals in India - DIWALI!!
It is a Hindu religios lightfestival for the memorie of God Ramas, and his return to his city Ayodhya (one of Indias seven holy cities) after 14 years in exile. And to welcome his return you light alot of candles, clean your house, visit your families, give each other gifts and enjoy delicious food. And you light fireworks to oust all the  bad spirits!
They also celebrate Goddness Lakshmi who stands for happines and wealth!   
Tonight there will be a gathering at the End Point where people light sky lanters, and this will happen al over the world, and hopefully we will be part of a Guinness World Record!;)
And millions of kisses to my friend ISABELLA who celebrate her 24th birthday today!!:)
Oh goooood what I miss that cute little crazy girl... 


Today, it is exactly ONE year ago I was sitting on a mounting in Liechtenstein looking out over the beautiful view of the Liechtenstein/Swizerland/Austria border!:)


Hm...I wanted to do an update but didn't know what to write... So, I'll just share som photos;)
Nutrition lab:)
Some halloween at one of Manipals clubs..
 ...and at the moment the town is preparing for DIWAL next weekI!! But for me..I've got an early christmas feeling...;) 
My hostel palace;)


Europeans do that...
It is sunday, and am serching for some info about chemical disinfection methods while chatting with a friend. I shouldn't chat, I know..but I have to. It is an important part of being a living human being - socializing!!
I was looking for a word in my Shantaram-book (someone tells me that it's not a true story, which I kind of agree abit. But please just let me believe that it is...!!;)), and couldn't find it. But I found this -
"All europeans look older and angrier than they really are. It's a white thing.
- Is he married?
- No.
- Not married? Thirty and not married? What's wrong with him?
- He's european. A lot of them get married only when they're old.
- That's crasy...
- He's travelling. He's looking at the whole world.
- Why?
- Europeans do that. They work for a while, and then they travel around, lonely, for a while, with no family, until they get old, and then they get married, and become serious.
- That's crazy!"
- Shantaram
--- laughing my as out... why? Because it's true!!