The nineties;)

I must say I enjoy sharing a room with a girl born during the late eighties;)
I never thought I would say this...but there is alot of good music from the nineties!! I didn't remember many names thou, and the reason may be because a lot of One Hit Wonders,..
A lot of memories woke up though while playing some music from old times: were you a Backstreet Boy-fan or a Ncync-fan? A thuresday evening with a lot of restlessness and tiredness of looking deep into the books (a little bit afraid of drowning into them)..;)
Saturday evening, and I just came back after a nice dinner with Sonia! The food was delicious, as usual, and she showed me some other hidden places that I've never seen before:) This city had more places to visit then I thought! But because of a lot of school, I end up visit the closest stores around the school area, and I believe I've become loyal to some of the places tooo;)
Spending the rest of the evening watching Kama Sutra....:):)


Shukravara sanje (fredags kväll), och det har varit en lååång vecka... Under en anatomilektion fick vi besöka disektionshallen för att få se likdelar och främst för att se hjärta och aortans passage genom kroppen. Och det var bokstavligen en hall med liiiiik liggandes i långa rader, och runt varje lik stod en lärare som undervisade en grup studenter - fashinerande, verkligen:) På ett bord låg dödfödda babys; dockliknande skepnader. Men ack, dem var riktiga lik..
Under denna eftermiddag har vi fått bädda en massa sängar; öppen bädd, delad bädd, postoperativ bädd... det är inte bara till att bädda en säng inte...;)
På söndag ser jag framemot Tedx; en dag där organisationer samlas och håller korta föredrag och öppnar upp för diskussion mellan organisationer och allmänheten!!
Imorgon, Shanivara, blir en kort skoldag, tack och lov...
Såg ett uppdrag gransknings repportage som säkert kommer skrämma många kvinnor till att vilja föda barn, vaginalt... Ish, jag är nog en utav dem...


Today it is sunday ("Bhanuvara" in Kannada)! I woke up at eight, went for a morning walk and talked with some americans during breakfast! I've started to enjoy my early mornings:) And i actually mean it;)
During schooldays I wake up around 6am by the sound of barking dogs (back home I used to wake up by the sound of seabirds, but I guess the barking dogs has it's charm while staying in India...), take a morning walk, back to the hostel and make myself ready for school, breakfast and then I hit the desk!!
A couple of days ago I got a packet from my family containing some things I've been trying to find here in Manipal, but didn't. The packat made my day, indeen!! A medicine dictionary that'll make it more easy to understand the medicine terms that I hear every day. Even thou a lot of the words are quite similar (eg. phagocytes = fagocyter) some diseases  (eg. Jaundice=gulsot), makes it a bit enoying. Because some words tells you alot about what kind of disease it is. But if you don't understand the won't tell you much... obvious;)
I also got a calender, which I desided to decorate:) You are always with me mormor..
Thank you soo much for the packet and for the nice pictures!:) The picture of my parents really gave me a smile on my face:)
Our schedual is getting less intense, which gives you a idea how wuch we actually need to focus on before our first sessional! And I am soo thankful for that... Now we'll have a lot of practise in our lab learning how to do different types of bedmaking...
This is how our regular schedul looks like! Luckily this one has TWO holidays;)