The nineties;)

I must say I enjoy sharing a room with a girl born during the late eighties;)
I never thought I would say this...but there is alot of good music from the nineties!! I didn't remember many names thou, and the reason may be because a lot of One Hit Wonders,..
A lot of memories woke up though while playing some music from old times: were you a Backstreet Boy-fan or a Ncync-fan? A thuresday evening with a lot of restlessness and tiredness of looking deep into the books (a little bit afraid of drowning into them)..;)
Saturday evening, and I just came back after a nice dinner with Sonia! The food was delicious, as usual, and she showed me some other hidden places that I've never seen before:) This city had more places to visit then I thought! But because of a lot of school, I end up visit the closest stores around the school area, and I believe I've become loyal to some of the places tooo;)
Spending the rest of the evening watching Kama Sutra....:):)