Inter College Swimming competition
Today I participated in the Inter College Swimming competition of Manipal University! Last time I participated in a swiming competition was in my early teen, so it was a bit nostalgic to "be back" in the competition atmosphere;) Even though there wasn't that many competers. And for some reason I ended up on third place on 100m breast stroke! But since the swimming pool is 33m long, the total distance of 100m ends up at 99m;) And the event 50m became 66m instead...Haha:) Tomorrow am gonna show my talent on 99m frestyle...
Watching the guys swim 100m butterfly (and oh my those swimmers like;)) made thinking that I should have a goal this year! To the end of next semester, june, I shall be able to manage 100 butterfly, non stop!! I already got the basic technique, so all I need is the strength and the endurence to manage those 100m.
Well, we'll se how it all end up;)
- Today I really felt like a little girl while taking this picture, reminding me about all swimming competitions my parents used to drive me to!
At the moment am drinking coffee, eating cocholate and writing my assignment on Diabetes Mellitus...
- Happy saturday evening everyone!:)


"Tchu tchu maddu"
Gosh, it's been a long day... And I am a expecting a long a busy weekend!
But there's gonna be a lot of fun though;) Tomorrow I will participate in Athens Inter college swimming competition! So let's see how my old competition nerves is gonna make it tomorrow... I get a reason to skip class tomorrow because of this, which should have made any of my classmates "happy as I don't know what" .. But me,..I don't know about that...
And after that, if I manage, I'll be watching a three hour long 'Puppet show' which our teacher insisted us to go to since the money goes to our colleges next years 25th years celebration! And in the evening I'll be practicing Badminton with Sonia and Sree so our Team Titans could win the Intra college competition on Sunday!
This whole intense weekend will leave me on Sunday evening and night to finish the Education planning assignment that needs to be handled in on Monday.. Something that we got to know today itself...!! 
I didn't say that I don't love to study did I...;)
I've gone CRACY with the applications on my Ipad.. There are sooo many good ones related to medical studies, and I've downloaded some which I believe will be helpful in my studies, and making it more fun as well... ;)
And I learned a new word in Kannada today - "Tchu tchu maddu" = vaccination!
Sweets dreams:)


F*k pain...
I had the most evil menstrual pain yesterday noon.. I couldn't concentrate for a second during the last class, and I just wanted the teacher to stop talking so I could go home and die in my bed..!! 
While arriving home I had a shower (being in India during those evil days doesn't make you feel More fresh either), had a NSAID (non steroid anti inflammatory drug) and tried to find the best position where it least hurt, which I finally found - on my knees bending over as I was worshiping Allah. And during my worship to Allah, my friend Sree entered my room and reminded me about the trip we had planed to do to Mangalore the same day. 
I had been waiting for so long to go to Mangalore. Or, to just leave Manipal... And so I got dysmenhoria and I thought that I wouldn't be able to go..
But, an hours later the drug had started to do it's work, and so we went:)
I have to start doing those 15minutes with breathing exercises again which really used to help a lot, relieving the most terrible, aching stomach pain that arrives every month... 
My friend Sonia reminded me that I have to practice for the swimming competition next weekend. As if I wasn't worried enough about that...;) Being bac in the water reminded me how much of my swimmer muscles I've lost during the years... And how one looses the breathing capacity along with the muscles. Still, the tecnique will forever be in my memory;) 
Sweet dreams everyone:)


Just a kiss...


I went on my first swim yesterday, and it was just a wonderful feeling being back in the watere after a long time;) 
One of the reasons I've started swimming is that I, for some reason, signed for participating in the intercollege swimming competition that is being held next weekend... I have no idea what I was thinking.. But I'll be going for the 100m freestyle, so am not doing it that complicated though.. Still, I could notice how much of Amy swimmer muscles I've lost, and it' gonna take more than a week to get them back.. :P 
But I guess It will be fun to participate. There is only another girl and me who is going to represent our college. 
I had water in my ears and my eyes were red after the traing.. And I felt sooo great:)
Now, lunch is over.. Back to class!


New roomie!
Did I forget to mention that I got a new roomie?! I think I did... Her name is Coral and she arrived two weeks ago with the program "Alliance of Global Education" along with 15 other Americans. And I am so happy that I am not alone in my room anymore!
It's such a nice feeling to wish someone a nice day before one go to class, and to ask the other how your day was when you get home!:)
I started Kannada-classes this week which means I'll be having three extra hours every week after regular classes.
Yesterday I was introduced to two Norwegian girls who just arrived in India for 17 weeks of clinical posting in our Kasturba Hospital,  and they are in their third year of nursing. And so I really hope we will meet up, share experiences and talk our mothertongue!
We are in our last week before our clinicals start, and I am a bit nervous to be honest now when we are going for our community postings which means we are going to visit our patience in their homes!! Am just hoping that I have enough manners to behave properly since I believe the cultural differences will be seen more, and the language barrier will be greater.. Still, I am sooo exited to see how people are living, and if they  are meeting the criteria what we are going to evaluate based on their safe and healthy living;)
Other than that am good, busy, tired and the rain is poring as it should these time of year!


- Status -
And so the Sociology class have made me into thinking, once again...
Today we were discussing about roles and status in society. Or, it was not discussion, more of a teacher telling the student "this is how it is and there are no other ways of observing this matter", with a lot of nodding heads in the classroom accepting everything the teacher said.   
Status is defined as a "possition of a individual related to another, or others". There are two types of status - ascribed and acuried. And it was the ascribed status that admired me the most.
Ascribed status deals with certain factors that a person gets by birth. Factors that, you as a person, cannot decide such as sex, race, kinship, cast and physical characteristics. 
And so, when it comes to status, it is known in society, and by that also decides by society and the people in it, what is concidered to be high status vs. low status. And so I wonder, do we still believe in "status" and way of categorizing people?! And does it serve any purpose more than putting value on a person?!
History tells us about unequal treatment of black and white populations, dominant male roles and higher vs. lower cast and heredity of well known family name from 1500-century. But that was then, and now is now. It's a fact that history shapes us to what we are today. But does it mean that we still have the same point of view when it comes to values of people? I would say no to that question.
I have found my self in numbers of situations where people have treated me in ways where I ought to be the ultimate creature on this earth, which I am not. And so it fascinates me how people still value people based on their fair skin tone and their western culture thinking that that person be given a higher status than a Indian Sikh. 
The more we acknowledge the fact that eg. race and sex Did have a matter in the past, the more I believe the idea of this will continue, and we will continue to put people into different status levels that is for no, what so ever, use in society. The only thing it does is to put people on a pedestal, and put other peoples head into the ground. There should not be any difference between us as we are all human beings. How does it help me and society if you are black or white, male or female, from a lower or higher cast or if your surname is von Trapp?!
We live in the 21th century for heavens sake!


I believe I have told you about a woman named Diana. She's from Bulgaria and have finished a year of specializing in cardiovascular diseases at the nursing college here in Manipal. I have got the chance to meet her a couple of times during the year, and hopefully wer will meet for dinner before she goes back to her country. 
Our Mrs. Prima intived her to talk with our class with hopes that it would motivate for better studies;) And so Diana talked about her experiences in India and in her life in general, where she has been working and the importance of high knowledge as a nurse.
I don't know aboute my classmates, but I really admire her way of turning her life in Bulgaria, where she said she couldn't see any future, into a life full of opportunities! 
In her age of 53, she's been working in Abudamb, Libanon and UK. And after this year in India she wish further to go to US as soon as she get her green card!
You've really inspired me Diana, and I wish you all the best for your future plans:)


Of all the animals I do looooove monkies, indeed, I do.. But the cutes animal, please agree with me, is the sloth!!


My bible!
 And so finally my precious bible arrived which I've been waiting for so long:)


To marry, or not to marry - that is the question!
Recently I've been thinking a lot aboute relationships and marriage. The reason for this might be that our sociology classes started out by talking about marriage, and the different types of marriages that exist in society. And yes, there are different types of marraige.
The biggest discussion in the western society have come to deal with the importance of same-sex-marriage. And during my stay in India I've came to understand that there are two basic kinds of marriage - love vs. non-love marriage. But the range is so much wider than that... Monogamy, polygyny, polyangry, group marriage, endogamy, exogamy, and the respective pros and cons in each matter.
Still, even if the most common type of marriage now days is monogamy, the reason for marriaging several wifes, or several men does make sence while putting the marrige into the type of society existing in that type of area. Polygyny (one man marrying more than one woman) do exisit in the muslim countries where polygamy is legalized. And in the past, a man who was married to several wifes showed that he was rich and powerful, and a woman would marry all the brothers instead of one (polyangry), with reason to keep the property in the family.
So, in the past we can se the reason why marrying a certain person, or persons. But what would be the reason for marriage in todays western society?
I believe the answer is deaply individualized and personal, giving the question many different answers.
Since we are heading towards an individualized society where men and women are earning there own money, being more centralized, not relying on one another and taking care of oneself, getting married due to securing their life is not that motivated. Still, being married Do simplify paperworks in our very bureaucratic society. It it's not on paper - you're not a couple.
Getting married and get blessings from God is another reason for true believers. And am not getting into that reason since am not practicing any specified religion. But I am a true admire of people who do!
Getting married simply because "I love him", is just a wonderful reason and should, acording to my view, be the ultimate reason to do so. Hence, marriage is not needed for stating the love between to persons, but a big awesome party to celebrate love is just the optimal reason to party with a lot of joy!
My personal view when it comes to marriage is that I don't really see the whole importance of getting married as seen in Indian society - If one is not married before your 30s something most be wrong with you and match your horoscope to find you a wife. 
Still, with the right person I would concider throwing a big, awesom party to celebrate the love of my life and not because my maybe-future-mother-in-law is pushing it.  
There is a bit more to take under concideration though before getting married.
I have to admit that my stay in India have put me into a lot of thinking when it comes to relationships and whay type of person I want to have in my life as a life partner, and the reason for this might be that I tend to get a lot of attention while walking the streets of Manipal. People who stair, guys who is curious about where I am from, about my look, offers that I might concider being based on more than friendly matters.. Flattering, indeed, sometimes - tirering sometimes. But most of the time I just want to put my head in the sand and hide.
Still, a lot of questions have popped up in my head lately then it comes to relationships..
..what to I want?
 ..what do I need?
..what type of personality do I want to see in my partner? should he be?
..what am I able to give and offer to the other person?
..what do I fall for?
I haven't come up with a lot of answers to the questions though, but I know I'll be serching for the answer as long as my days on this plannet will continue. But I have to say that I am starting to get a bit frustrated, and I blame it on a 25 year crisis. 
I've met guys who sure is candy to my lips but not more than that; guys whom I love having conversations with but don't see the spark; fun loving guys with a reasoning out of this world; cute and nice guys with no selfconfidence. Or, when you find him the guy turns out to live in another part of the world, and you don't find the time you Would like to spend on better distance communication, Or the guy is from another religion and his mother would never aprove a commitment with a foreign girl.
Or, maybe I've alrady found him. I just haven't understood it yet...
I am looking for the ultimate partner whom I know does not exist. And please don't tell me "he's out there", "you just hang on"...
I believe it is all about the matter of time. Each thing has its own need of time.
And then, in the end I bet I get to the conclusion that you just want to be with the one that makes you smile:)


Classes has started, and so has my compulsory dress code which I find more than a normal part of life now days;) And so is my "Mentos-addiction" which I believe will continue as long as I'll be staying in Manipal...


Welcome back!!
I kind of hate to say this, but when I arrived back in Manipal and to my romm 231 at Old Chandrashekar hostel, I felt as I had never left the place... My holiday in Sweden and London was just this amazing dream that might never come back... And on the third day I feel like am back in the track again. Classes 8am to 4pm, stressful times with payments, writing letters here and there and taking photocopies of notes... And it didn't make things easier since I left out one whole week of classes...
However, I Do know that my holiday was very much real indeed, and you all are there in my thoughts while am on my way to class, back home from class and sometimes inbetween when I should know better and keep the focus on the lecture.
I arrived to my room which was full of dead flies on the floor, a foul smelling and all my clothers and sheets was covered with nice layer of fungus. I should have left the AC on I guess. And this monsoon season doesn't aggravate for the fungus to grow either... 
A new girl from america has joined MCON, and lives in the same hostel as Sonia and I. And I believe I have the same Big sister-feelngs Sonia had when I was new in Manipal. She tought me everything I had to know about MCON and Manipal and whatever she new about the Indian culture. And now, with a new girl in the hostel I will teach her everything I know;)
On friday we will have our first holiday thanks to the celebration of the ending of Ramadan, and I will be thinking of my friends in London whom I believe will throw an kick as party to celebrate that the final day has come And of course I am sad that I couldn't be there to celebrate with them... Miss you guys!!
Chumma mates!:)


And so, finally India...
So, I got book ticket finally booked, and I'll be leaving London tomorrow morning... Am not happy to leave London at all... I've had an amazing week and got the chance to meet wonderful people whom I now would call my friends:)  One get the perfect opportunity to get to know people for real while living under the same roof, sharing the same bathroom, cooking etc.
And it's not every day a girl gets to be spoiled by five guys;) 
The extra week in London forced me to miss out one week of classes which made me a bit worried. But at the same time there is no reason to worry - just put the cattel on, and things will be alright at the end. 
And when I got to know that my departure time is gonna be tomorrow at 10.50am I decided not to go to Cambrige as I had planned to do today, but instead I spent the day hanging out with M. 
This stay made me realize how much I loved London, and I will come back for a longer stay for sure! 
Time to break the bubble and get back to reality!!
Life is just amazing when you think of it,..


Finally some reasults!
Today I got answer from the Indian embassy and a letter that gives me permission to go to India!! So today I called the ticket office for rebook my tickets. But it didn't turn out to be as easy as I thought it would be since the woman I called told me that I had to pay a penalty around £80, and another fee due to something else... And so I ended up waiting and calling different numbers, and when I finally got to talk with the right person Marcus needed the phone, and so I asked the person to call me back on another number. I waitied for the person to call back, and eventually the office was closed...
In the evening I took the metro to central London to have a look at the beautiful view from London Bridge, a nice walk along The Thems, and found a nice boat bar where I sat down for a glass of wine while reading my Shantaram.
Tomorrow am planning to get my booking done in the morning, and after that I will take the train to Cambridge to visit an girl I got to know when I studied Sport at Malmö University!
Chumma fellows:)