Inter College Swimming competition

Today I participated in the Inter College Swimming competition of Manipal University! Last time I participated in a swiming competition was in my early teen, so it was a bit nostalgic to "be back" in the competition atmosphere;) Even though there wasn't that many competers. And for some reason I ended up on third place on 100m breast stroke! But since the swimming pool is 33m long, the total distance of 100m ends up at 99m;) And the event 50m became 66m instead...Haha:) Tomorrow am gonna show my talent on 99m frestyle...
Watching the guys swim 100m butterfly (and oh my those swimmers like;)) made thinking that I should have a goal this year! To the end of next semester, june, I shall be able to manage 100 butterfly, non stop!! I already got the basic technique, so all I need is the strength and the endurence to manage those 100m.
Well, we'll se how it all end up;)
- Today I really felt like a little girl while taking this picture, reminding me about all swimming competitions my parents used to drive me to!
At the moment am drinking coffee, eating cocholate and writing my assignment on Diabetes Mellitus...
- Happy saturday evening everyone!:)

"Tchu tchu maddu"

Gosh, it's been a long day... And I am a expecting a long a busy weekend!
But there's gonna be a lot of fun though;) Tomorrow I will participate in Athens Inter college swimming competition! So let's see how my old competition nerves is gonna make it tomorrow... I get a reason to skip class tomorrow because of this, which should have made any of my classmates "happy as I don't know what" .. But me,..I don't know about that...
And after that, if I manage, I'll be watching a three hour long 'Puppet show' which our teacher insisted us to go to since the money goes to our colleges next years 25th years celebration! And in the evening I'll be practicing Badminton with Sonia and Sree so our Team Titans could win the Intra college competition on Sunday!
This whole intense weekend will leave me on Sunday evening and night to finish the Education planning assignment that needs to be handled in on Monday.. Something that we got to know today itself...!! 
I didn't say that I don't love to study did I...;)
I've gone CRACY with the applications on my Ipad.. There are sooo many good ones related to medical studies, and I've downloaded some which I believe will be helpful in my studies, and making it more fun as well... ;)
And I learned a new word in Kannada today - "Tchu tchu maddu" = vaccination!
Sweets dreams:)

F*k pain...

I had the most evil menstrual pain yesterday noon.. I couldn't concentrate for a second during the last class, and I just wanted the teacher to stop talking so I could go home and die in my bed..!! 
While arriving home I had a shower (being in India during those evil days doesn't make you feel More fresh either), had a NSAID (non steroid anti inflammatory drug) and tried to find the best position where it least hurt, which I finally found - on my knees bending over as I was worshiping Allah. And during my worship to Allah, my friend Sree entered my room and reminded me about the trip we had planed to do to Mangalore the same day. 
I had been waiting for so long to go to Mangalore. Or, to just leave Manipal... And so I got dysmenhoria and I thought that I wouldn't be able to go..
But, an hours later the drug had started to do it's work, and so we went:)
I have to start doing those 15minutes with breathing exercises again which really used to help a lot, relieving the most terrible, aching stomach pain that arrives every month... 
My friend Sonia reminded me that I have to practice for the swimming competition next weekend. As if I wasn't worried enough about that...;) Being bac in the water reminded me how much of my swimmer muscles I've lost during the years... And how one looses the breathing capacity along with the muscles. Still, the tecnique will forever be in my memory;) 
Sweet dreams everyone:)