Finally Holiday!!

A week of exams is finally over (!!!), and I'll take the night bus to Bangalore tomorrow evening to start my holiday:)
I've had a bit difficult to concentrate this weeks. I've been tired, and my mind have just been wondering away. I managed to wake up in a decent time during the mornings this week though, exept this morning for some reason. I had set the time on four am, since I know I won't go out fo bed until maybe five. But for some reason the clock didn't ring, and I got out of bed 6.45am....Goooosh,.. But still, I believed I passed todays last paper in Medical-Surgery Nursing.
I got a parcel from my family two days ago which made me sooooo happy!:) The tryffles didn't like the Indian heat that much though, and so I found the chocolate merged together in one big clump! But I believe I liked my moms home made saftron cookies the most!! It's the first time I celebrate Christmas away from family, and It does feel very strange not being home...  
Why didn't I do my studies on the balcony before??! Since I have the evening sun I have the perfect oppornunity to improve my "tan" that I don't have!! The thermometer showes 40*C today;)
 Happy holiday to my classmates and I:)