Finally Holiday!!
A week of exams is finally over (!!!), and I'll take the night bus to Bangalore tomorrow evening to start my holiday:)
I've had a bit difficult to concentrate this weeks. I've been tired, and my mind have just been wondering away. I managed to wake up in a decent time during the mornings this week though, exept this morning for some reason. I had set the time on four am, since I know I won't go out fo bed until maybe five. But for some reason the clock didn't ring, and I got out of bed 6.45am....Goooosh,.. But still, I believed I passed todays last paper in Medical-Surgery Nursing.
I got a parcel from my family two days ago which made me sooooo happy!:) The tryffles didn't like the Indian heat that much though, and so I found the chocolate merged together in one big clump! But I believe I liked my moms home made saftron cookies the most!! It's the first time I celebrate Christmas away from family, and It does feel very strange not being home...  
Why didn't I do my studies on the balcony before??! Since I have the evening sun I have the perfect oppornunity to improve my "tan" that I don't have!! The thermometer showes 40*C today;)
 Happy holiday to my classmates and I:)


Happy Lucia:)
I decided to talked about our Lucia celebration today in class! I showed some pictures of the Lucia Celebration, how "Lussebullar" looks like and tried to explain how Glögg tastes like.
I guess it was My way of dealing with some homesickness.
In the end I wished them Happy Lucia, and it really warmed my heart when the whole class wished me the same back:) And then, of course, they asked for some treat, which they got of course;)
In the evening I got a message from one of my classmates with a sweet poem about friendship that ended with "Happy Lucia"!


Sudden holiday
R.I.P, King Shrikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyar Bahadur, the last king of the Mysore Royal Family in Karnataka. 
C.O.N.G.R.A.T.S to me and my classmates who got an extra holiday to mourn his departure, and some extra hours for studies!!


What am I running away from?
So, I've been having a lot of thoughts about my stay in India, wheather I should continue my studies in India, or if I should go back and continue my studies in Sweden for my third year.
The thoughts has been troubling my mind since september. And I am a bit, or not even a bit, I am very confused about these thoughts.
Why did I even let them entering my mind in the first place?
There are a numbers of factors why I would concid to going back home, and there are a number of factors why I should stay making this a tough riddle to solve.
In one moment I am so convinced that I should go back; in another I am so sure about my stay in India for the rest of the program.
After taking a walk on my own saturday evening I ended up with only one question spinning around in my head - am I trying to run away from something? And if I am - what am I trying to run away from?
I came to India with a number of unwritten odjectives. I managed my first year (a hallelluja for that), and then it suddenly hit me that I think I'll be satisfied after finishing second year.
Living two years in India is not a bad thing to have on your have-done-in-life-list
Doing the calculation in  my head thinking that I will be 28 when I finish the Nursing program, how my life will look like if I go back now vs. how my life will look like if I stay I got to a point where I thought I might have been asking my self the wrong question - am I trying to run away from something? 
Usually my decisions is based on the sensation I get in my stomach. But at the moment I am standing in a roadcross with no feeling in my stomach that tells me about the right way to choose.
And yes, I do listen to advices and would like to get them too. But this far most of the advices is just pulling me back and forth. 
I guess I just have to wait, and let time decide...


Hoilday is finally planned!

And so finally the traveling route is set for the upcoming holiday.
As I've told I won't be coming home to Sweden this christmas but insted I'll be traveling in India! 
I can't not just NOT let you know about my route, since that would kill me from Inside of You not knowing Where I'll be going... 
---> So, I'll start the journey with nightbus too Bangalore on 21/12, and from there flight to New Delhi arriving on the evening 22/12.
26nd I'll be going to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, to visit my friend Nipun.
29th I'll be starting a looong bus ride towards Goa where I'll be celebrating New Year!!
Since I start college on 6th, I figured out that I have to be back in Manipal on 3rd of January, at least, to get enough time to finish the two Medical Surgery Nursing assignments that shall me handeled in on 7th...
.....I can't wait for the holiday to start... But until that...Studying!!


Something will be missing from now on...
Today I had to say good bye to my sweet roomie Coral who finished her studies at Manipal University and is now going to travel around in India with her dad for another two weeks before going back to Maine, USA.
She's been a real gem, embellishing my autumn in India with her down-to-earth presence, cordial smile and a curiosity in life! Am gonna miss her soooo much, but I really hope that we'll be able to meet next summer as she'll be studying in Copenhagen next semester:)


Happy First Advent!
Even though I was baptised as a child I was never brought up in a very religious family. Still, Christmas is an important part of our annual traditions where the house has to be decorated with christmas candlesticks in every window, colorful globes, angels, cinamon cookies, safton bread and a big feast on christmas eve followed by exchange of gifts.
Since the reason why I celebrate christmas does not really relate to the actuall reason why christian people celebreate, I believe every person has their own reason why accompaning the rituals in the month of December!  
This very first day of December made me wanna bring some "christmas spirit" and I ended up making my own "advent candlestick" with four candles surrounded by beautiful Jasmin flowers!
I want to see it as my own "praying area" with the candles reminding me of the things going on back home at the moment with all the preparations that is made before the 24th, the Jasmin flowers that is a common decoration found at temples and on Hindu Gods in Indian housholds. The three wise men and Jesus has been replaced with a Peacock and an Elephant. And instead of an icon my family is decorating the wall, and of course the essence stick that compleats it all:)
Thinking that this will be the first time I celebrate christmas without my family surely made me think about the Christmases i celebrated during my childhood.
A tradition related to Christianity or not, for me this month means bringing reflection over life and over the people you've got the greates honour to have in your life.
Happy First Advent:)