Some thoughts from todays walk!

Those bussen really knows how to scare the shit out of you...
And you think you get use to them, but you don't!!
And all those Autos,.. I've met some really rude drivers who's been demanding more than they should get; I've also met very nice once. But nice or not, they must all have a lot of shit going on while they sit there in their autos, whaiting for work, making fun of each other, fooling around..
I don't know... but I wouldn't worry that much about our "stadsbussar" och "Pågatåg";)

F*ing headache..

So, when second sessionals has started it means that every day theres gonna be an 3 hours exame. The thing with some of them is that thee are two subjects in one exame in some of them, forcing you toT study dubble portion when those come. Today was one of them:/
But this morning I woke up with headache, and after an houre in bed I finally took a shower and started to read. Not very easy to concentrate though... And suddenly I had to vomit, with no reasult. I took something to eat and continued my reading. On my way to the exame my eyes got a more constricted visual field, and I started to think wheater I should try writing the exame or not.
And as the country am in, I sometimes get that unsure feeling of that is okey or not, exepted or not, and how to explain in a understandable way that I don't feel well and wanna skip the test?!
So I started to write the exame, and I guess it went quite well (considering the knife that was going through my brain) until I got to a question where my brain was unable to concentrate.
So I waved for a techer and was trying to explain how I was feeling, and I guess the poor number of words I had in my mouth was enough to let me leave the exame hall.
To see someone standing up from their place during exame never happens I guess... So I guess I'll get an milion of questions tomorrow..
But I guess we couldn't be more taken care of considering all the nurses, both studying and working, at the college;) After some sleep in our lab, some teachers came, and was checking how I was doing, and I think the diagnosis ended at hypoglycemia, which made sens whith vomiting, headache, tremors, constricted visual field, sweating.. . 
Finally, I got back to my hostel, and was trying to eat some soupe that Sonia bough for me, and after that it's just been bedrest.
Feeling better now, but gonna go back to my cosy bed and sleep, so all my problems will be gone. in the morning.!!
English test tomorrow, luckely...