So,..I left Sweden after three weeks of work and company with friends and family! I could never tell you enough how much you give me strength to carry on my studies in India! 
After Sweden I decided to go to London to meet up two friends, and to celebrate my B-day!
My first stop was in Watford and at JC's place! And on wednesday went on a trip to Brighton! A wonderful city, and I believe we spend a great time on the sea side;) 
On thuresday evening I took the train to Southall station to meet up Marcus! It was really a funny feeling to meet up again since last (and first) time we met was on Mumbai airport 4am on my way back to Sweden three weeks ago..
We got dressed up for a night out in London, and my 25th birthday started out just wonderful:)
I was supposed to leave London on saturday 27th. But due to some visa issues, they stopped me when I was about to check in. I got so chocked, and because of all the tension of leaving London and going back to India, I just couldn't hold back my tears...
So, I went back to Marcus, whom I knew was sleeping in deeps coma, and gave him a reall surprise knocking on his doore - am back!
Still, Marcus wanted to give it another try, even if I didn't see any solution to it all.. But an hour later we were back to the airport to talk to the superviser.
As we sat down on the floor waiting for the supervisor, I will never forget the moment when M. suddenly mentioned that we were back to the place we first met!!;)
Well, I was so happy that we went back, despite my doubts, sinc I got to know that all my tickets, even the one back to Swede, got canceled.  And so they promised that they would rebook my tickets as soon I got my visa fixed.
Today it's wednesday, and since saturday I've been into contact with cox&kings that takes care of visa issues, I visited the Indian embassy in London who wouldn't  help me and now am waiting for an answer from the Indian embassy in Sweden to whom I sent an email explaining my whole situation into the smallest detail.
And meanwhile am enjoying London, and am being really good taken care of bye Marcus and the other guys living in the house!:)
But pleace, cross your fingers for me!! I've missed two days of classes...:S

Next stop - Watford!

Omg... my three weeks in Sweden is over, and am of for new adventures with final destination India!
I arrived in London, Watford, yesterday evening at a friends place. My journed began with a broken handle so I couldn't drag my big, fat bag and instead had to carry it. As that wasn't enough, my mobile wanted to play some tricks with me and subbenly didn't obay my command so I had to borrow someone els mobile so I could give my friend a call.
So, am staying with my friend JC, and we met last summer when I was in Stockholm for holidays.
Having friends in other contries is something one should take advantages of since it gives you opportunities to explore places you wouldn't visit otherwise.
JC lives in Watford, big town outside of London. But today we're gonna go for a trip to Brighton, which lies on the south coast!
Oh, and today am in the nsk news paper!!