Home soon!
I went to Malpe yesterday and took a nice walk along the beach, and enjoyed a beer while reading my Shantaram book.
But on my walk along the beach I passed a old man who was sitting behind a boat being busy masturbating...!!! And when I noticed what he was doing I just kept on walking as fast as I could. And I could hear that he was shouting at me...
Well, soon I'll be on my way home to safe Sweden-land:) I'll start wih tomorrow saturday evening, and arrive on sunday around five...


Another rape victim...
On the night between thuresday and friday a young student woman got forced into an auto and got abused of several men. The woman got dropped of later in the night and she went to the hospital, in total shock after what happened. The case is filed as a rape and the chef security desided to resigne the day after. Just like the lack of security was the main reason that this happened in Manipal.
Well, let me tell you that the lack of security it not the reason why this happened. Here is enough of security, patroling polices and cerfuw left to be over.
No, the reason is how the basic communication and relationship between indian men and women  is being done. Women should not be involved with men until she's married. Like, the more we seperate men and women the better. This is not practised all over the country. And there is a big difference between living in the cities and on the country side. But hey, root is still well planted in society. And so is the way women is being treated. And how men tend to still believe that certain way of treatment is ok.  
I had a friend who told me about this young woman who is admitted to the psych ward at our hospital here in Manipal. She resently got marriaged. Arranged of course. She had never been dating, and so she was also a virgin. The marriage was arranged, and the wedding night came. After a few days she started to act very strange, and she ended up at the psych ward. Her huspand had not molest her or had not done anything against her will. But at the psych ward she keeps telling about a certain uncomfortable feeling that is present in her body, like something is crawling inside her, and that he is completely changed. She can't be around men and she get scared when people come too close..
A sudden intim meeting with the opposite sex could frighten anyone of course. But if man and woman was created by God almighty (as the majority of our planet population believe in), I believe God did the creation with the purpos to complement each other, to stand on the same side and to be able to help each other. NOT to be seperated and to look down on and to treat the other sex as less valuable. Because that is just what happens when this kind of crime is commited - men taking rights they engage they have over the opposite sex making her less valuable because he takes away her rights.   
So, be able to complement each other we need to know about each other. And that will only happen during interaction, trial and error and trial again and mutual communication. And it can not be made during silence, with distanse and with sudden surprises in the bedroom.


WHY didn't I know about this book earlier??!!!
Microbiology exam tomorrow...and only the future knows if I'll work it out or not...


Jag kände lite hemlängtan idag...
Jag känner att något fattas... Så denna ska upp på dörren! 
18 dagar tills jag sätter tillfällig fot på hemmaplan:) 
Today, in 1990, the Indian National satelite (INSAT-ID) was launched!
- To have realized you dream makes you feel great.


Madeleine is getting married!!
Yea, I asked my mom if she was going to attend the wedding. But she said she had better things to do...
Today our Princess Madeleine is getting marrid to her Chris;)
People often talka about the exotic swedish girl.. And now an American guy got his hand on the PRINCESS!! And I believe you all wanna know the secret how he made her fall in love with him...
Well, first a swede have to move to America (cause no American would every move to Sweden), then he need to be wealthy, and acording to the Princess he should have a "deep in his heart which makes you open up and feel secure around him";)
Best wishes:)
Apparently is one of the riches man in India invited to the Princess wedding;) What kind of relationship does HE have to the royal family, I wonder...




I just noticed that one of my notes written by my teacher is just an exact copy from Isn't that just hillarious?! If the teachers can do it, why shouldn't we be allowed to use wikipedia as a reference to our assignments?!


Study leave
Nine days of study leave has started.
No FB.
No mobile.
No connection to the outer world what so ever.
- lets do this!!


I got tagged:)
Finally I took the time to do something I've been waning to do for a long time - I got tagged:)
My friend Sree and I decided to do it together, since sharing an experience is much more fun, and
I got a small word, "fredom/independence" in hindi, designed by a friend at the hostel:)
And then the question - why?!
I believe freedom is something very important in peoples life since it is one of the basic attributes for human right for letting people chose there own path in life as far as it is possible.
I've been told from time to time that I appear to be very independant as a person, which further got me thinking about the meaning of the word.
Total freedom, to me, is when your decision making is based on you free will. This doesn't mean that people won't have an inpact on your decision making. People will, and people should. But as long as you desicion making is built on your own principles about life. And when your decisions is based on what You want, and not what other people want.
After a year in India I have also come to understand how Indian people are very proud of their independence after the British empire.
Both  Independence day (August 15th) and a Republic day (January 26th) is celebrated. And there is a lot of proudness in being the greatest democracy in the world!
But then again, what does that really tell us about the country?! Does that give the people of the country the same freedom the country got after the British empire?! Hmm..I admit that I don't have enough information in answer that question..but II have my doubts..
Finally - rainseason is here!!