F'ck pen and paper...

 Today we had a holiday, which came to our knowledge yesteday only. So, of course a lot of students took the opportunity to go out in the evening.  
"You don't joke about giving us holidays if we're not really gonna get one", I told one of my classmates. Holidays is a gift sent from heaven above,..
Apparently there was an district election going on today. But because of that extra day of from school, out subject cordinator in physiology, and my second mother, Mrs. Mariamma, offered extra tutoring in physiology. And of course I couldn't turn that offer down, as well as 15 other of my classmates.
I am about to finish a psychology assignment aboyt "Emotional Intelligence". It's been a bit trick one to write, but very interesting indeed. For this assignment I thought of confronting the teacher by asking why we can't handle in a printed verson of the assignment. And I really tried to sound desperate when I asked her.
- ME:"Why do we really need do write it by hand. I print everything, and then I have to write it all again. And if I could save 4h by NOT writing it again, that would give me 4h to study other important things."
- THEACHER: NOO. It's easier to copie if you print it.
- ME: But you can copy if you write as well..?
- ME: Soo..People could copy easily by writing by hand as well..
- THEACHER: They do?
- ME: Um..I don't Know if they do, but of course it's possible to do it. So Why?
- TEACHER: It's good, show creativity when writing..
- ME: Yes I know but... Ok, thank you Mam...
GGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... I thought I would break into thousand pieces... This is just silly. An high academic level shouldn't behave like this. This is 2013, and I believe we are the only college still writhing our assignments  by hand. Students know it's wrong to copy, so if they find copying punish us or something. I bet the teachers are able to make our papers invalid if they want..
¨What's the point by giving us an assignments any way?! Just for it to look good?! A written paper should be treated with respect, it should be checked and estimated, all parts should be there included a propper reference in the end even if the teachers doesn't check them up.
Gonna hug my pillow now...