Culture day and Sports day!
So, yesterday we had our Inprints (Cultural day)! A day full of dance competitions, Quize, fashion shows and the famous Mr&Ms MCON competition!
It was a great day and so fun to see all the indian dances, noticed classmates special talents etc...
One group is practicing for the semiclassical dance competition!
I always wondered how the Indian women do their hair in that manner, and now I know! 
 This is the best pic I got on some of our girls in our group who was doing our Fashion Show with the theam "Go Green"! I got the honour to be "Pollution". And we got 2nd price!

And so in the Mr&Ms MCON (Beauty competition) we got through the talent show, the question part and in the last part we had to answer a question and write it down on a paper. And I ended up getting price for "best smile" and "first runner up
I have a lot to thank this gem! Every one in the group worked very hard in getting things right, practicing dance steps, fixing costumes etc. But Neethu, our group leader, did her very best to get the group together:)


Culture day!
Tomorrow we have a Cultural day where the whole day will be filled with competitions, dances, fashion shows and a "Mr/Ms MCON competition"! There have been a lot of preparation done for this day. And I am so impressed of the engagement my classmates and college friends is showing. This morning we were told to meet up six in the morning to practice for our fashion show.
And I might not have the same problem of waking up early in the morning as I had in the begining when I first came to India, but I am quite sure that Indian students are they only students that wakes up early in the morning for practicing corricular activities before classes starts.
Am looking forward to see all the performanses!!


Surgery nurse maybe?
Four weeks of clinicals is over, and included is the two weeks of posting in the operation theathre! It has been four very interesting weeks, where I actually could concider continue speciallize in surgical field. It has been so inspiring observing how the surgical team including the physician, technician, anasthetics and nursea are working together! The last day I assisted the scrubb nurse (being the circulating "nurse") during a case of intramedullary nailing of femure. Which means that the physician puts a "metal stick" inside the bone strengthening the broken parts. The work looks more or less as reparing a car while watching the procedure and looking at all the instruments lying on the tables.
But it was such an great feeling standing there, doing simple things as tying the coats, pouring Normal Saline in the bowls handing over suture materials etc, but in one way getting the feeling as you were one in the team;)
Now, I am looking forward to four weeks of classes, then one week of second sessional and!!


We started our journey with a bit of a bumpy nightbus, and arrived in Myosre around eight am. I've never experieneced such a bumpy bussride and got no sleep at all..
We arrived around eight in the morning, checked in at Parklane hotel, freshed up, had breakfast and started to explore what Mysore had to offer!
Mysore Palace - I could live here... The decorated walls and roofs was amazing, showing pictures of Hindu Gods and their relations between one another. I believe I wouldn't mind being seduced by the discussed Lord Shiva who is said to be a fairly good lover;)
We had some problems with the autodrivers though who, very skillful, tried to convince us about places we wanted to go, how much they payed to take us there etc. Gooosh, Sree really got to see my agry side while dealing and our attempt of NOT dealing with the auto drivers..
On Srees birthday we hired an auto guy for the whole day who took us to the Somnathpur Temple, some shoping, the Zoo and dinner at Element Bistro which was a very cozy, non-indian restaurant that random provided books for reading and had a small shop - a perfect meeting point for travelers!
The next day we visited Devaraja market which all the auto drivers had told us NOT to visit. But ey, it wa such an "indian" market:)


Time for the Operation Theatre
I've finished my first week in the Urology Operation Theatre!
We didn't get the chanse to do much since this was our first week in the OT. Just assisting the floor nurse with pooring Normal Saline into the bowl, tie the coats of the scrubb nurse and the Doctor etc. 
But still, getting the chanse to observe surgeries such as kidney stone removals (PCNL = Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy) and hernia surgeries gives the oportunity to ask quesstions about what the doctor is doing, what the nurse is doing, what type of instruments they are using and asking the anasthetics about the type of anasthesia they are using for each patient. And if you get really lucky the doctor will tell you what he is doing during the procedure and let you come closer to watch! In worst case the Doctor will start asking question..such as.. Do you know the parts of the kidney? Do you know where am inserting the needle? Can you see the kidney stone on the display?
Yesterday afternoon there was no cases going on, which gave us not much to do... While walking around in the coridore I found the nurses sitting on the floor reading the newspaper and folding gauze pieces. It looked so nice where they all were sitting together chatting, and so I asked if we could join helping them with folding the gauze pieces.
And so there I sat on the floor together with seven other Indian Staff nurses folding gauze pieces talking and answering questions they had about me and my family!
It hit me: here we are sitting on the floor putting sooo much efford folding gauze pieces that will be used by the Doctor during the surgery and discarded in two seconds...
Am posted together with my two classmates Alphy and Joseline!


My sweet parents!
They just came home after have spent a week in Turkey celebrating my mothers 50th birthday, and they told me about their wonderful week with relaxing turkish hamam bath, boat ride on the turcose ocean, drinking beer at the pool area and enjoying the evenings with good food, dancing an company:)
I felt so happy hearing about their week abroad, and it hit me how uncredible sweet my parents are together!! Being together for 25 years have put them into a lot of trials during the years (I could only imagin of course). But they have managed to support each other in upps and downs, and with time I believe their bonds have also grown stronger!
The thought came to me how I really wish to experience that joy of creating a life together with someone you love, take care of each other and grow old together! 
This is for my wonderful, sweet mom and dad who I know will always be there supporting and loving each other, being such a inspiring example of how love should be taken care of, created and given. 
And with that I know you will always be there supporting me!
Love you <3