Happy Diwali everyone:)
Finally last day of evening clinicals, and I am soon on the way to Mysore with Sree!! We're taking the nightbus and arrive early in the morning!
For some good reason we got three days of holidat which made it possible to make a small trip, and am sooo happy that I've got the opportunity to see parts of India:)
Happy Diwali everyone!:)


Grattis Mamma:)
Igår fyllde denna pingla 50:) Hon befinner sig för närvarande på en plats långt ifrån hemma och relaxar med sin make i Kemer, Turkiet!!
Och under en bingo spelning på Hotellet vann hon högsta pris! Kolla in den läckra, rosa vattenpipan:D
Jag vet att ni rår om varandra mer än väl i Turkiet, och hemma i Sverige! Och ni ska veta att jag saknade er extra mycket när jag fick se denna bild!!
Älskar er:)


Sessionals is finally over, and we already got some of our papers back and passed two subjects out of six so far.
I got an invitation from my friend Rahul to visit his family in Kerala this weekend that just passed, since we got two days of holiday!
Yesterdays celebration was Vijaydashami which is a Hindu holiday where one should leave your studies, and go to the tempel for puja for your books;)
Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea to ask for blessings for your books one's a year...
So last saturday we took a six hour long train ride to Calicut, in Kerala, where we stayed at his parents place till monday. It was such an wonderful experience to see how he was living, in a small cozy, house surrounded by tons of coconut trees. 
We went for a nice walk along the beach, had a nice visit at the city park and had our dinner at a nice restaurant in the evening! His parents were very sweet and we did our best to communicate since they didn't know much english, and me,..naaada malealum..
And oh boy,..I got to eat wonderful Kerala food:) And since they usually eat with their hands in the south, I just had to follow the tradition and also eaty with my hands;)  
It's funny to think how fast one get used with certain things, and som some things take time to get used to. And then, some things one won't get used to at all no matter how much you are exposed to that certain thing.
One thing I thought I would get used to is all the stares I get everytime I go outside Manipal area.
One could never get used to the way people stare at you as you were from another planet or something. And Kerala had a lot of people who stared at me like they never had seen a foreigner before. 
Still, I don't care and I don't look back. Or sometimes I Do look back with a smile, hoping they will give me a smile back, which they usually don't. Exept for the children and the young teenage boys! 
Tomorrow we have another day of since the muslims are celebrating Bakra Eid!  
And am planning to go for a work out, study some pharmacology and hopefully I'll take som time to read my Shantaram over a cup of coffee:)
Sweet dream!


Like christmas!!
Today I got a parcel from my family which made me feel like a kid on christmas eve... I was thinking like,.."should I take a shower first maybe? Okey, and then get dressed and hm...maybe put on some nice music..and THEN, yea THEN I will open my parcel!:)" I got some metro newspapers and a tone swedish-yummi-candy!!
Today, I will spend my saturday eating "cloetta kexchocklad" and study pharmachology for next weeks first sessionals... Soooo, next blog-update won't be until next week...


Oc oc october..??!!
October has arrived, apparently, and our FIRST SESSIONALS is comming up next week!! Am feeling way to calm than I should. Cause I have way more to study than there is time....:/
Last tuesday I skipped our two classes after lunch since I had devil-like menstrual cramps... And today I was told that I had to write a letter to The Dean telling why I skipped the classes. Apparently I wasn't the only one who skipped the last classes that day, and so the teachers wanted to know the reason why so many students were absent.. 
And so everyone who had been absent handled over a letter to our class coordinator. She red through our letters, one by one, and questioned the reasons of our absence - "did you really have menstrual cramps?" "How come you had abdominal pain?"....and so one.. 
- What happened with students taking their own, personal responsibility of their own action and consequenses?!
...The word "spoonfeeding" gave me a whole new meaning since I came to India...