My weeks in pictures

There have been a lot of happenings and impressions during my four weeks of community posting and I decided that the best way to tell about it would be by pictures:)  
 On the walk to visity our families during the community posting!
The rural area we visit is called Thottem, and the houses are hiding behind the trees..
 Preparation of my Education procedure about "Maddo meha" (Diabetes), written in Kannada...  
 Visit at the water purification center.
We got to visit a Leprocy clinic. And these beautiful cards are made by the leprosy patients who are offering to work there. Since the disease is such a big stigma in society people with leprosy have very difficult to get accepted in society and to get jobs.
 Celebration of Ganesha...
...where this Ganpati is finally gonna be dumped in the river after a couple of days with puja an sacraficing of different sweets. And apparently this God demand different types of sweets for every puja.. Funny ritualls indeed...;) 
 The butterflys are all over the place this time of year, I've noticed...
 First time I tasted custard apple - a sweet delight indeed!
Sonia sweetie turned 25!!:)
I stayed up all night thuresday night to be able to finish the Family Case Study, and my sweet roomie, Coral, got me some chocolate nut cookie to have enough energy to stay awake!:) 
It helped me stay awake till six in the morning...!
 We are back to class next week for two weeks, and after that we'll have our first sessionals in 2nd year..!! Gosh,..time is running...