Election time

As most people might know the worlds biggest election is going on in India, and the Karnataka state people are voting today which resulted in a holiday for us students! And since easter is comming up we ended up having four days of holiday in a row. Very suitable concidering that my third sessionals are comming up. So, when most of the students left town, I thought of staying hoping that I would get some studies done..
Since there is a huge election going on there are a lot of oppinion circulation regarding the future of India. I can't say I have much of knowledge about the parties and their potential candidates for the post as future Prime Minister of India.
I believe the majority of the population want to see a CHANGE in their country that is known for, not just the population diversity, yoga culture and delicious street food, but also the country where corruption, poverty and depression of women is taking place with such a public dominance that it has become a collocuial matter and as common as the chai beeing sipped every hour by the local shop keepers.
I've come to understand that it's not that easy for everyone elibiable to vote to actually do so.  Hence, there will be a lot o votes that won't be counted. Still, I wish that the election goes on peacefully, that no cheating will be done (errhmm...) and that a CHANGE will come into this still very beautiful country with such great potential!
Okey, so I said I don't know much about the parties. But a number of friends have tried to convince me about the "BJP" and a certain Narendra Modi. And this sharp advertisement will sure raise a number of votes...;)
May the force be with us...

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