College has started

So far OBG (Obstetrics Gynecology) belongs to one of my favourite subjects this year among our three other - Medical Surgical Nursing II, Child Health Nursing and Mental Health Nursing. Mental Health might be the course I'll be spending most of my time trying to stay awake..:/ 
The teachers are in general really good this year though! And I believe they are about to meet us students as student and young adults and not just young, imature students..finally... I've kind of been longing for that treatment...
Since I passed all the subjects in my 2nd year exept Community Health Nursing I'll be writing my complementary exam in September.
We have three more weeks of theoretical classes until seven weeks of clinicals starts.
Gosh, it's really "pang på röbetan" over here..:P      
I bought a new book today. I love buying books. Wish I had better motivation of reading them though...;)
funny how they came up thith this front cover...

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