On The Go To Goa!

I know you guys asked why (the hell) I choosed to go back to India a whooole week before college started instead of spending that precious time with friends and family back home... It's not that I don't love you..I DO!! INSANELLY!! I just...also...LOVE TO TRAVEL!!!
Simple as that...
And after some thinking back and forth I decided to go back to Manipal to meet up a dear friend and see what traveling arrangements we would end up doing. I had not much of an idea of where I wanted to go. Or honestly, I had a million places I wanted to go, but no idea of where to start... But after hearing my friend telling me that "we'll make it happen", my worries were gone with the wind...:)
  The trip started off with one night in Baga, another night in Candolim; scooter driving around i the North Goa until even I started to recognice where the streets were taking us; beer and chilling on the beach; delicious Indian food; night dip in the ocean; club dancing on a desert dance floor; and an ocean view which is practically impossible to take the eyes away from...  
I got spoiled enough on my B-day by celebrating it at an awesome place with awesome company! And on the evening we took a night train to Allappuzha, Kerala.
For everyone who wanna travel in India, one just have to travel by train. That's just how you do it right!
The next day we went on a boat ride on the freshwaters. There is just something about water that makes your heart beat slow down.. And yea, the nature in whole of course! You, the water, the nature, a sky filled with stars... Hm..:)
Last night was spent on the coast like in Varkala, and while we were out roaming that night I got the luck to see a shooting star!! Make a wish, make a wish...:) 
On the last day we took the train to Travindrum, visited the Zoo, and yea,..then it was time for me to start thinking about Manipal and the college...

I've had amazing days traveling without the need to think of time and obligations. And I believe that it's in those moments in life when you find the true you whom you ought to be in this world.
The third year at MCON just started, and I couldn't be more exited about it:)
Let's do this!!
Till eternity and beyeond...

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