Eradication of Poliomyelitis
Congratulation INDIA - on the date of 11th February India have had three years without any new raports of Polio in the country which means that India has officially eradicated Polio from the country. It has taken the country a lot of effort through motivation of the people for accepting the vaccination, even if it has been given free of cost. And through the Pulse-Polio program health care workers has been able to reach out to millions of children arround the country.
Still, even though Polio is eradicated from the country there is a large number of people who is suffering from a so called Post Polio Recidual Syndrome.
This is a condition in which people who recovered from Polio starts to experience new sign and symptoms 15 up to 30 years after the recovery which is common in 25-30% of Polio-cases.
The signs and symptoms will be very long and slow in progress and develops with weakening of muscles, difficulties in walking, motor dysfunctions etc.
Last week I got to meet a 27 year old woman who suffers from a Post Polio Recidual Syndrome. She came to the hospital since she's been having troubles in walking and to keep her balance. Her lower legs and feet had deformities, and she was very small in size and thin.
The thing is that there is not much to do about the sign and symtoms more than giving paliative care and strengthen the muscles. The doctors was a bit thoughtful of what could be done for the women, and so they gave her supportive shoes that will straighten when while she is walking.
So, eradication yea, but the remnants of the disease will remain for another number of decades.
One step at a time towards the big goals!
--------------------------> UNICEF


Valentine's Parcel!!!
The lady in the foye called me 11.45pm to tell me that I had a parcel to pick up! So, I went down stairs of course. How can someone wait till the morning if you know there's a parcel from Sweden waiting for you?!!:)
I had got a Valentine's Parcel a couple of days too late, but who cares.:) Sooo sweeet of my family!! The first thing I took out of the parcel was papers that told me about the present mortgage I am having since I study here...funny, funny... But the rest of the things cheered me up more, sure thing:) Especially the Valentine's- candy!! I also got a package of my favourie Eucalyptus-Menthol tablets - I can't wait to get a soar throat so I can drink it together with some warm milk - yummie!:)  
Thanks a TON my sweeeet family!!
Love you sooo muuuch!!


Tum Hi Ho...
The most romantic song I've ever heard, and am guessing that it will be played like crazy tomorrow since we've decided that February 14th is said to be the day for all lovey-dovies out there;)
Added the translation for us who doesn't know Hindi..
I can't live without you now
What's my existence without you
If I get seperated from you
I'll be seperated from my own self
Because you alone are,
Now you only are,
My peace and my pain,
you alone are my love...
How's this relationship of ours
I don't like distance of even a moment
Every day, I live for you
There shouldn't be a moment of mine without you
There is your name of every breath...
For you, I lived..
I have given myself to you
My love for you took care of me
Took all the sorrows from my heart
With you my fate is attached
Getting you, nothing is incomplete
Within me I got completed...


My first intradermal injection!
This week we have our clinicals in the cardiology ward, and today I gave my first intradermal injection!! It was really not a perfect one. But I almost didn't shiver which am happy aboute since it was a long time ago since last postings in the ward.
It might sound as a silly thing to mention, but it is these kind of steps taken that just gives me a kick, thinking that I am actually gaining some skills and knowledge over here and that it's towards the profession as a nurse:)


Sam the man

They are leaving Manipal, one by one..friends.. And one of my friends are leavning Manipal today and is going home to his home country, Nigeria, after finishing two years of studies in India. I had to say good bye to him a couple of days ago,..

I guess you may not know how much you've meant to me... It really inspired me the way you treated people, took care of friends you had in your life and never left someone out, being careful, made people smile.. I am not the person who is very good in putting words on feelings. But man, am good in feeling them. You have been one of my pillars in Manipal,  and am gonna miss you a tone!!

And as usual am not a fan of good byes (but then again, who is..). But it really made me smiled when you said that you gonna make me see you againg;) Cause that's really a typical thing for you to say since I know how good you are in making people to change their minds (for both good and bad;)). Remember every time you made me stay longer at the party even though I kind of neeeeded to go back to the hostel?!:D Haha...

You made the good bye a little bit easier believing that we actuall will meet again. Only future will tell whether we will or not... 



Finished my OT posting
Today I finished my ten scrubbs that we had to do during our Operation Theater posting! So, to explain "scrubbs" it means that I had to weat the gown, be in the sterile feild and assist the surgeon during the surgery. But of course, since the students doesn't have any experience we get to do mostly basic things. Sometimes we don't do anothing, simply standing, and sometimes we get to handle the instruments, cut sutures etc. But it's fun as crazy!!:)
Today I scrubbed for three hours. It was a case where a large cancer cyst had been removed and they were planning to take the chest muscle an fill the whole in the jaw - so amazing what can be done with a surgery! I didn't do the main work during the surgery of course, but instead a very good surgery who apparently is famous for taking long an precious time during his surgeries. I was told that he one time started a surgery seven in the morning and finished four in the morning the day after doing a mastectomy(removal of the breast), and after that he had made a new breast by taking a part of the womans thigh...
Tomorrow is going to be the last day in the OT and I am going to miss it BIG TIME...


Change please!
I went to dinner with Sonia this evening, and when I got the change back they had given me a packet of gum instead of 5Rs... I have been given 1 Rs candy a number of times in stead of the actuall change. But this was the first time I ever a whole package of gum:D
This happens only in India...


Just another evening walk
Friday evening and I thought of going for a walk before grasping some dinner. I usually go for a walk that takes me around the hostel area and which I know is gonna take about 20 minutes. But I thought, why not go g crazy and choose another direction this time;) Haha...yea, that's how one tries to not feel bord over here..
I love walks, and I really don't mind taking one by myself. People are worried, too much in vain, about  girls walking alone on the streets. It's all about having common sense. But I guess that's my oppinion until something happens to me. Which it won't. Knock, knock on wood.
I usually prefere walking alone letting my mind wonder away just like my feet are. Or, I like making calls to people where I ususally start the walk with thinking of whom to call and what do I want to say to that person. Sometimes it could take a while for me to get to the very point of making that call. I believe I have this little thing called "fear" for sudden silece that might happen. And since one is forced trying to analyze the persons expression by simply hearing his/her voice it makes it even more difficult to know how the person is responding to whatever you just said. - whas that a smile I just heard, or are you just mocking me?! 
I continued my walk towards the MIT area, and it was getting dark. On the walk I got a nice surprize meeting a friend whom I thought was in Bangalore. We chatted and I found out one of his dreams which really made me happy to hear about:) I really love to hear about peoples dreams. Just the shine they get on their faces makes me happy to see! It also gives me hope that people are doing their best trying to fullfull them. And then again, fullfilling the dream or not, as long as you keep on dreaming!
Further on my walk I met two of my classmates who made me taste some chilly fry, and we ended up talking for another 20 minutes about marriage and life in general.
I continued to the food court, ordered some fish hyderabad biryani and met two other PB.BSc nursing college friends whom I sat down and had a chat with.
When I got back home to the hostel it hit me that this place isn't so bad after all. I have met some really nice peole with a warm heart who makes this place tolerable to handle. Good education and fancy facilities (as this university is very proud of to have) doesn't keep your heart going, friends does. And they are the ones that makes it worth it during the long run towards your dreams!


Back to reality
And so finally Two weeks of holiday finished after two seconds.
Or at least that was the feeling when I arrived to Manipal and my hostel on 3rd january. I believed I finished unpacking my bag and cleaned my room in one hour, went to get some food, uploaded some photos on FB and went to bed thinking that I should wake up in a suitable time on saturday morning to start writing on my two assignments...  
Well, I woke up at ten, had some food and started writing, and I was almost finished writing at the end of the day! You see how fast that went? Coming back, facing reality?!;)
In the afternoon I met a friend at the library who told me that he was wondering where I had been since he hadn't seen me at the library for such a loong time, forgotten that I was going to leave Manipal during the holiday... It kind of warmed my heart knowing that he had been "worried":)
And honestly speaking, I feel relaxed and filled with new energy for another six month of studies and intensive clinicals. Am almost finished with my six weeks of the amazing Operation Theater posting which has broaden and opened up my thinking about the nursing profession, making me consider spezializing in the field of Perioperative Nursing.
I've had two wonderful weeks traveling around in India, and I believe I fell in love with the country a second time after periods of doubts about my stay here. I blame the last month intense studies before the sessionals for my frustration revolving my stay. Still, I am confused whether I should stay or not for my third year. I am in the process of contacting people at the university back home to check the ability of, insted of going back totaly, placing some of my clinicals in Sweden.
Still, I know we have a lot of clinical hours that is situated in specialized fields, and procedures that needs to be done which I believe could be difficult to perform if I do my clinicals in Sweden instead of India. But of course, it's worth a try:)
Why make things too easy when you can roll yourself into a nest and risk getting stuck?! :)