Happy Independence day!

I proved my swedishness by almost forgetting the Swedish Independence Day yesterday (6/6). And like the other 9.5 million swedish people I didn't celebrate it in a particular way, sinse we don't know how to celebrate it.
And whaaaat is there to celebrate?! Yea, we learned that Kind Gustav Vasa came to the throne in 1523, and in 1809 we introduced a government reform that was there until 1973, and after that we got a Parliament. But we didn't introduced the Independence day until 1983, and it has been a holiday from 2005.
If I was home I would probably be working, cerving "Prinsess cake" to my dear old aged people and watch the celebration from Stockholm and Skansen on TV.
Instead I spent the evening with a wonderful hang out, dancing to Avicii and ended up with me throwing up in someones bathroom while my friend was holding my hair and splashed cold water in my face.
So, I guess I celebrated the Independence Day like most of the young generation of people back home did;)
Happy Swedish Independence Day, dudes and dudies!

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