Happy Diwali!

The Hindus (and everyone else who love to celebrate festivals) are celebrating Deepawali today, and the students has been given a holiday.
I am sitting on the balcony looking over Manipal and the far ahead building in Udupi. The sound of fireworks keeps replacing each other. Most of them remains invisible, but a few of them appears beautifully on the sky. Some of them looks like shooting stars and I pretend that they are and makes a wish. Believing in shooting start wouldn't hurt, right?! I watch another firework from fare and with my imagination it takes the outline of a heart, a green and golden one.
Believe in love and it will come to you when you least expect it:)
I've spent the Diwali day running random errands (as I usually end up doing when a holiday comes along), and the evening is spent on starting on my case study and to prepare for tomorrows health education for a girl at the paediatric ward. She's 16 years old and have been diagnosed with Wilson's disease which is a disease that accumulates copper in the body, hence fatal unless medication isn't taken for the rest of her life.
Thank God All Mighty for the discovery of todays modern medication practice. And curse the  whole system who puts the economical factor into concideration of the production of medication and halter the process of developing new, improved remedies.
Cause, no matter how much new information is being published and scientificly proved in the area of medicine, the power lies in the hands of those who has the money in order to put the known factor into practise. And it's said that nothing taste as sweet as the power that money brings. But hey, everyone works in the medical field and who works with their hearts while doing so knows that it's not true. See the face of a child who is undergoing, chemotherapy, preparing for surgery or any other treatment of any disease, and suddenly smiles back at you for any reason, and you'll taste the sweetness of their happiness since you know that their moment of smiling will make them not think of their challanges for some time that they are actually facing.
I hear the sound of a siren and I see an ambulance turn of towards the boys hostels. Please don't let any one have been a victim of a shooting firecracker, even though statistics tells us differenly.
I notice that the fireworks are about to fade in number, and I take the opportunity to turne of my music and pray.
I pray for a wonderful new year ahead; I pray for my family and their health to be obtained, and especially for my fathers health whos life recently was put into great risk during a progressing stroke; I pray for the love for my love and for my wonderful friends whom I wish nothing but happiness and fortune in their chosen path in life. You will always have my support. And I pray for the universe and the force that makes it continue to carry and create this vivid world that we all live in, and that every thing in it strives towards the goal of improving it and the human being, to spread and acknowledge the love that we all are carrying around but not always show. Let it spread and shine without any boundaries. Because that's the very meaning with the  existance of love.  
And I believe this is a perfect time for me to pour up a glas of wine and light a sparkle...
Happy Diwali everyone:)


This week I was suposted to have written my sessionals, and I wrote two of them,.. But two nights ago I started to get really anoying lower abdominal cramps and pain in the right abd. side as if it would be the ureter or something. The thing is that I've had burning mixturition coming and going for about a week now, and I though it would go away by itself. But after that night I though, maaan something must be wrong for real... On the next day the pain was less so I decided to go to college and write the paper anyway, but after 30 minutes I felt I couldn't handle it. The pain got too intense. And soo, after some talking with the teachers, some rest and juice, I finally got permission to got to OPD.
Went to Medicine OPD, took blood test, urine test, culture test, and today am going for ultrasound of the abdomen, and tomorrow I'll see what they'll give me...
But gooosh, last night was terrible, I was rolling around in bed, trying to find a comfortable position where the pain woúld be less, which I couldn't find, and didn't get any sleep until five in the morning I think.. And even though I  did feel better in the morning I didn't go to college cause the thing is that the pain keeps coming and going..:( And now I can feel it in both sides, and in the back...
Man, I didn't thing anything would be worse than menstrual cramps but...