Smilies and chocolate addiction!

Maan, I started my sunday late today... Got disturbed last night by something that continued to bite my skin. And so I tried to find the baster who gave me swollen spots on my arm, without any results..:/
Anyway,.I invited Raushen and Marlena yesterday evening for some cooking! We mixed some Indian dish with Italian Pasta!
Had a really nice time guys! And we'll make sure to hang out some more:) But maaan, who do I always keep forgetting to take photos of the people am with...
Today am writing on an assignment that should prefereably be done my tomorrow, and hope to prepare some more notes for next weeks clinicals, cause next week is going to be intense...
In between my writing I got some laundry done. Yaar, doing laundry is really relaxing!! 
I noticed that I've consumed an increased amount of chocolate this week.. But, the thing is that I've come up with this theory that the chocolate is just a substitute for someone I miss...
So, pleeeease come home before I end up in the hospital for chocolate addiction..!!  
  May the force be with you love...

World Alzheimer's day

Today is the World Alzheimer's Day. Every 68 second someone developes Alzheimer's disease which is the most common form  of dimentia. And yesterday our college gave it a notice, togethery with Lion's Club, by arrangeing an event in Udupi for the local people living in that talak. We had preppared a skit and our teacher talked about signs & symptoms, prevention measures, treatments etc. And of course, there was tea and cake in the end;) Not many people showed up, about 20 people,  but still...:)
As more people are gaining the awareness of the disease it has also come to be called the "Family Disease" since it not only affect the person, but also his/her family, alot... Yesterday's skit was about a family's grandmother who started to forget things and people around her. The story felt like it was taken from my own family, since my grand mother had it. But yea, it's a typical story that strike any family who as a family member with Alzheimer's.
Today there is no cure or immunisation prevention for the disease. Hence, the present treatment is by manageing the symptoms by basicly neuroleptic medications and anxiolytics.
Please support the research ------> here.
Remember those who can't remember...
Älskade mormor <3

The day after the election..

I see with both great exitement and great dissapointmend over yesterdays election that took place in Sweden yesterday... We got a change of our government, from right to left sided block which am very happy about!  And the green party, which am supporting, will hopefully get more involved as well in the new government:)
But man, the third biggest party came to be the Swedish Democrates, which is a party that is purely racist...:( It is scarry, since this tells us that the number of people around us that support them are getting more and more. Hence,  the humanity in people are getting lost..and that's a truely scarry though...:S
I feel sooo ashamed over our country's population who let this happen... There's no one else to blame but the people, They know what kind of party they were voting for, absolutely..
But tooo bad that the Feminine Initiative didn't get a seat in the Parliament though..!! They were SOO close:) Cause THAT'S the kind of political winds we need in our society!!
Well, that's my comment from India regarding the election...:)