Care Plan Weekend...
This morning at 5.45 I finished writing my Case Study!! Got only an hour sleep before I had to go for morning duty,.. This week we are posted in Udupi governmental hospital. And there are only three patients admitted in the psychiatric ward at the moment. Hence it's very chill, which is very good since I have to prepare for next weeks suplementary exam...
Last friday I gave one education for a client on tramadole dependence. And I think I gave a good teaching and made a good preparation, because my teacher told me to put up my postern on the wall in the ward;)
This weekend the keralites celebrated Onam! Which is also going to be celebrated this comming saturday. And if everyting goes as planned I'll be wearing the traditional Onam saree:)

And last friday Sadu went to China for two weeks,.. Yea, I know it's all for the best, but man I miss you baby... Be good, be safe,..:)

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