The day after the election..

I see with both great exitement and great dissapointmend over yesterdays election that took place in Sweden yesterday... We got a change of our government, from right to left sided block which am very happy about!  And the green party, which am supporting, will hopefully get more involved as well in the new government:)
But man, the third biggest party came to be the Swedish Democrates, which is a party that is purely racist...:( It is scarry, since this tells us that the number of people around us that support them are getting more and more. Hence,  the humanity in people are getting lost..and that's a truely scarry though...:S
I feel sooo ashamed over our country's population who let this happen... There's no one else to blame but the people, They know what kind of party they were voting for, absolutely..
But tooo bad that the Feminine Initiative didn't get a seat in the Parliament though..!! They were SOO close:) Cause THAT'S the kind of political winds we need in our society!!
Well, that's my comment from India regarding the election...:)

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