Indian school children clean the toilets
We were, surprised or not, given FOUR days of holiday! So of course, a lot of the students went home to visit their families. Me, on the other hand, took the possibility to do some compensation:) So on thuresday when everyone were celebrating Holi, I went to a PHC in Hiribettu.
I got to know something that really surprised me though. Or, maybe not. In the end, this is India. A country where their inhabitants are not used to question things, but instead to listen and follow what they are being told to do. Humbleness is good, but with a bucket of reasonable thinking, please.
For a certain reason Indian school children are being made to clean the toilets and swipe floors. And this is happening in a governmental setup and regime. My classmate also told me how she used to do the same thing. And every class would have their own responsibility. The rational behind it seems to be something like promoting the feeling of responsibility and importance of household care. Seriously...
Is there anyone who sees the great risk of spreading infection? Nursing students are being taught the risk of infection spreading and how to maintain a safe and hygienic environment. And this should be taken care of a ten year old? And where do you draw the line in child the age of 14!
This work could easily be given to a cleaning lady who'd get paid, and thereby creating work opportunities for people. But, no...
I got really angry hearing about this, and during a short visit to a small governmental school near by the primary health center the school children confirmed the matter. The boys did the cleaning of their Sir's toilet (the male teacher).
India, you'll never stop surprising me...


Give your plants a shower every now and then!
Our hibiscus have got some lice I believe, and so my mother told me to give it a nice shower together with some soap. And so I did immediately after finishing Skype. I don't want to lose this pretty one... And suddenly, while showering the plant the fresh smell of it remembered me about the time when my mother used to shower her plants, and still does of course! She would put all her green plants in the shower in our bathroom, and let it dry there for hours.  And sometimes I would have to wait taking a shower because the plants were occupying the space...;)
 Love you mom:)


Labor theatre posting finished:)
I finished a week in the labor theatre yesterday. And I was in the neonatal ICU the week before that. So I've been cuddling with a lot of new borns lately:) Simply just amazing...
 It's been one of my best clinical posting ever. Well, actually it's called internship. But to me there's no difference between clinical posting and internship. We're getting separate evaluation in clinical posting as well as Internship. But in the end it's all about gaining knowledge and experience in the clinical area so.
I had this great, great whish before my internship started that I wanted to do it somewhere else, maybe in Sweden, in order to broaden my clinical experience and knowledge. Which could only be a good thing if you want to become more independent. And India, particularly need to strengthen their nurses independence and critical thinking, indeed. They are really knowledgeable, but the hospital doesn't recognize their knowledge all the time. Some doctors doesn't even know what nurses are studying. External internship creates independence and responsibility of your own gained knowledge.
Anyway, that train has left... Working in the Labor Theatre made me feel really good, and the sisters were really nice and friendly. It made you feel as if you were a part of something and that you did good. Same feeling I got working in the Operation Theatre during our 2nd year. Also, working in a hospital doesn't always mean you have to work with sick people. Obstetrics is, most of the time, about happy and exiting moments. Yea, your supporting a woman who's in sever pain and sometimes critical situations. But you're being a part of a great moment in a persons/family's life! And That's just an amazing feeling. And then you get to cuddle a little with the newborn of course;)
It's been amazing following a woman from her admission to LT till the time she's delivered and giving breast feed for her first time. Being with her through her pains and contractions, holding her hand, telling her that she's doing great, telling her to relax, rub her back, tell her to push (or in kannada "bikki, bikki") and finally "finished", "good job", "Congratulation" :)
I can't understand how dad's just don't want to be a part of that process, or why they are not allowed sometimes. They should! It's a such a cool thing, and you'll only get closer to your partner.
My man, my love, I know you'll be there for me no matter what! ("v")
I'm seriously into giving birth in water. Looks so cool and relaxing as a labor could be:)


I'm not a practising christian but,..
I'm not a practicing Christian but I do believe in the very simple but oh so strong meaning of the golden rule, Matthew 7:12
 “So whatever you wish that others would do to you,
do also to them,
for this is the Law and the Prophets."


When the truth punish you...
Goosh, I couldn't be more angry with myself. I am so extremely tired of living under such bureaucratic circumstances where people around you have decided to decide over Your life and where, apparently, you don't have a saying in it. Individuality appears as a threatening state of mind, and is far away from being respected.  Everyone around you is nodding their heads, trying to show that they understand even if they really don't. Called sympathy, even though what we need more in this world is empathy. So why aren't more people showing that?
Am tired of standing in a cue that
And how is it possible for a person to feel bad, when he/she is doing good? It all shows that you can't make everyone happy and satisfied. So select the people in your life who mean the most to you, and do and give what you have and can to those people who deserves it and whom you believe in.
"In a conflict between the heart and the brain, follow your heart"
/ Swami Vivekananda
God Bless you all...:)


Grocery shopping
12pm - am stepping into the grocery store, as so many times before. What do I need today.. milk, maybe some apple lassi to spice up the morning yea, yoghurt, peanuts (Plain? Masala? Salted? Chili?), juice...same things as usual..oh yea Cat food...
Suddenly I noticed a happy girls voice started talking with the owner.
- "Hi, yea am leaving Manipal today. For good. Take care. And say hello to your wife ok! See you, or yea maybe not but. Thanks for everything. Take car! Bye!"
My eyes followed her walk to the white taxi that I knew was waiting for her outside. 
Everyone who plan to leave Manipal for eternity leaves in a white taxi. Standard. Taking them to the closest airport, and boom, gone with the wind.
And I'm standing there in the grocery store thinking, and just longing for my turn to leave. It does not have to be in a white taxi. By foot is also fine. But I'll make sure that my whole life will be 1) in a backpack, and 2) walking next to me...:)
Oh, what else was there... eggs....
Bless you all...