"Shaadi Main Zaroon Aana"

We watched the movie "Shaadi Main Zaroon Aana" today ("Please come for my marriage"); a new released Bollywood movie that brings up a lot of typical problems going on in Indian society, still. Problems such as problem arising with the dowry system (fucked up), women trying to break free from the rock hard hand of a man, a fathers strong leadership in the family, arranged marriages and forbidden love marriages, not letting women follow their dreams and doing what makes them happy etc.
I just love Bollywood movies yaar. The drama, the music, the dancing, the sudden twist in the story line. And of course, a good way to learn Hindi!  
I don't have much exposure of watching Bollywood movies though. But I do understand that there is a lot of changes taking place in the movie industry. I guess it was not long time ago one would never see a couple kiss in a movie scene or seeing a person totally naked. Big NO! But slowly one can notice a kiss once and a while. What's interesting when it comes to Bollywood is the gigantic impact it has on the Indian population. Movies also, as in music, should function as a reflection of what is happening in society. And watching a movie about eg. about a woman who has to choose between love or family of course affects the people watching the movie and hopefully starts reflecting upon their own believes and actions in life, hopefully.


So the start in India was soo romantic at a stay at sun & sand near the beach in Mumbai. But som how I did feel alittle dizzy and not at all 100%, so maybe I got a small shock being back in India..;)
And after a night out we travelled back to Manipal, assessed our apartment, see our sweetheart Valium and packed our bags to take a night bus to Bangalore and then night flight to Pushkar, Rajasthan.
So at this time of the year there is a Camel fair going on where dealers buy and sell camels and horses as well as all kind of accessories for animals, Rajasthani sweets, food, karuseller etc -  a beautiful happening to be around!

So we roamed around the camel fair area looking at different camels (so beautiful they are, such a pride in their pose standing there chewing) and talking to sellers, learning about how to see difference between a good and strong camel compare to an old one. And in between seeing snake whisperers sitting on the street playing flute and taiming their cobras...
We also spent two nights at a "camel safari resort" out in the "desert" promising authentic Rajasthani food and dance performances in nice conkret room. But we ended up having breakfast and dinner with the family living there only and got to know their living and life stories. Something one can't put a price tag on. Seriously.
A short and intense stay in Pushkar. But we'll be back in Rajasthan for sure soon. There must be so much more to explore☺

Back In India🙂

So I'm back in India after almost 4 months back home in Sweden meeting friends, family and to earn some money. Also, this time my love and I went together to see how we would feel being there together in a total different country under different circumstances. Living in India is one thing; living in Sweden is another.  And our stay in Sweden did bring us alot of future hopes! We managed our daily living, we've come up with possible future income both in India and Sweden. And second step is, of course, to plan and bring things into action.
And since he left Sweden before me I couldn't describe the feeling of meeting again at Mumbai airport after 6 weeks apart..
After my time spent in Sweden I came to following conclusions...
1) I will never go back to the same work I've been doing since finishing gymnasium - one needs to make progress in life. And only I am responsibly to make that progress happening.
2) Don't listen too much on people's advices. They don't live your life, so how could they possibly know whats good for you?
3) At the same time listen to people, cause there might be at least one knowledge you can bring to use. And the person you least expect might be holding the most valuable knowledge in order for you to progress in life.
4) Just because you were born in one country doesn't mean that that social structure suits you.
5) I'm never ever gonna accept love being apart for so long again. That kind of lovelove just hurts to the very bone marrow the more time passes by.
6) True Friendship never die. It will change patterns, but it never die.
7) Trust your instinct/gut feeling/heartbeats.