Snowing In India

Don't you just love being disconnected from the online world sometimes?
I'm a strong believer that the less time you spend online the more interesting things you tend to do in IRL! And greater the chance is that you're gonna make an actual impact on this world if that is what you want to do.
We were up in the mountain areas for a few days, where not even internet can reach. I stop counting how many waterfalls we were able to spot along our way up - endles!
It still strikes me how diverse India really is; diversity in all aspects wether it's food, nature, culture, customs, language, wealth...I guess majority of people don't think of snow when they think of India.

At our last stop we stayed at a hotel that did not have any electricity nor running water due to the cold. But OMG what a beautiful place! For not to mention the silence...We were just a handfull of people there since we visited off season. Most of the local people also move down the mountains to avoid the harsh conditions that appear when the cold weather strikes.
My backpack was not packed with clothes to resist minus degrees and I also had a heavy cold so I was not so well prepared for this cold environment. So after sunset we went back to our room and watched a movie under our layers of blankets trying to keep the heat!

The day after we went for a small treck to just have a look around. When you look at a mountain you think you know what shape it has and what is there. But when you take a couple of steps further the shape of the mountain will change and you'll see something new popping up which you could never imagin! A village is hidden in the hights, you can hear the sound of a bird but you can't see it, trees will make a shape of a smiley, a waterfall suddenly appears - the mountains are playing hide&seek with you!
Inspired By Life☺