Happy Onam:)

Today it is the last day of the Kerala Onam celebration! And though they don't celebrate it here in Karnatake, many students, and teachers, here in Manipal are from Kerala. And so the different school committees make sure that the students from Kerala get a hint of some Onam celebration atmosphere:) 
My sweet classmates were trying to explane the story behind the reason for this celebration. And if I got it right it's aboute this king named Mahabali who was a great ruler in Kerala long, long, long time ago. And during Onam they celebrate his arrival to earth with decorating the floor with flowers, and eating delicious food! And everyone wish each other Happy Onam, like we would wish each other Merry Christmas;) And even thou I am not that concerned of this celebration, I understood that there was a lot of homesickness among my classmates today, and I was trying to imagin how it would be if I didn't go home during christmas... I guess I would have had some homesickness aswell...
So, I've desided that I will go home during Christmas!! So you'll all expect My arrival on the 19th of december;) Some flower decorations on the floor, and some delishious food, thanks;)