I don't know whether I should laugh or cry, as I believe the rest of my classmates are wondering...
- Who is this Karin Sofi..?
-"Me, Madam"..
- 1, 2, 3, 4... subjects failed...same as in the first sessionals, but some different subjects. You have to imprive for the third one.
- "Yes Madam..."
And so did our Dean continue to call out our name and how we had performed on our second sessionals - how many subjects we had failed and why, and what was our problem.
The boys stodd up with bended heads or with their eyes wondering around in the room with no courage to face the Dean while she was talking to them. The girls had at least the courage to face her.
Am not gonna talk about why my reasult aren't better than they should be. I just know I did better during this sessionals compared to the first one, regardless what the reasults were. And that am happy about. I also know I have so much more in me and know where and what I need to do better, and were the problem is. And moste of the problem lies in finding the focus, and to keep it.
During class today our teacher mentioned a word got stuck on my mind - determination.
One of my weaknessess is that I sometimes have very difficult in making decisions. Mostly because I tend to put so much thought into every decision with the aim of wanting to make the ULTIMATE decision in every case. And I know that is impossible, and it take so much time to maintain that way of thinking. And not just time, it takes energy aswell. And combining that with the need of making changes in your like that you are really not happy to do, doesn't make it easier... 
So, with that word on my mind I am going to continue my life in Manipal hoping that it will guide me through the spring that is approaching.
And from tomorrow onwards my mobile will be switched of untill saturday afternoon. I'll make an evaluation about how it has affected my studies, and see how I continue after that...;)
Dame, I love this college..:P

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