Moving out!

Tomorrow our clinicals start, and I'll be starting with five weeks of Psychiatric posting! Am looking forward to it with a bit of nervousness since I know that it'll be five intensive weeks ahead with clinical teaching, five assignments that should be done within three weeks, and on top of that I have to study for my supplementary exam in Community Health Nursing that is on 18th september.
AND inbetween there is going to be a lot of extra co-curricular activities AND on top of that I took the resposebility to be the group leader for one of the college team in which all students are divided into for the competition between the groups... which means that I have to be present during the competitions to make sure that team members are present, solve problems, make sure everything is arrange before the competitions etc. Yea, it's not like am alone, we work together of course..! And I believe we got a really great team with students who's filled with a lot of creative skills:)
Besides the college stuff I finally got the permission to move out from the Hostel and into an appartment outside campus area:) I'll be sharing a 2bhk with a person that I trust with my heart, so no worries about that! Moving out from the hostel was not the easiest process  through, since you might be aware about the bureaucratic country am living in. It's not done in a friday afternoon - letter her, and letter there; signature here and there etc.
I am also having trouble with my internet bank which I can't log into. And I am still waiting for my student loan money so I can pay my study fee... Everything is floating, and am just waiting for everything to settle...
Am sad to leave my hostel roomie though that moved in about a week ago..  Marlena is from New York, and I feel we got a really nice connetion while living together! But I know for sure that we'll keep in touch during her stay until december:)
I guess I just had to give people a picture regarding my present situation over here;) And to get some of my worriness out of my system by writing...;)
In this coming week I'll also be participating in the Inter College Swiming competition
Wish me luck;)


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