No fun with Good Bye...

So, yesterday I said good bye to two of my friends who left Manipal for good...
Sonia, whom I thought had left Manipal a week ago, surprisingly showed up in the evening, and we had a last chat before she left for Kerala, and then finally back home to USA...
Sonia, my first roomie... you've been my best and sweetest friend and my strongest and most important pillar since I came to Manipal. With your total six years experience here and at MCON you taught me aboute the Indian culture, helped me with college stuff, to improve my english, and somehow you always tended to understand my thoughts and feelings.. I wish we had spent more time together though, but you know College...;) Am gonna miss our nights at Hideout, and our long conversations that we ended up having about guys, life experiences, Who will Now have to listen to my man-problems..!?;)
You will always have a special place in my heart..
Love you girl!!
And suddenly Lyan had written his last finals,.. Man,.why didn't we hang out more?! Am gonna miss our philosophical talks about humankind and the world they live in,.and, why didn't we play pool before?! I'll promise not to forget all the advice you gave me regarding the game,.. Thumbs up for that, ok!:)
I wish you all the best in Malaysia!! You're gonna be an epic Doctor;)
We'll meet again for sure; Universe will make it happen:)

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