Eradication of Poliomyelitis

Congratulation INDIA - on the date of 11th February India have had three years without any new raports of Polio in the country which means that India has officially eradicated Polio from the country. It has taken the country a lot of effort through motivation of the people for accepting the vaccination, even if it has been given free of cost. And through the Pulse-Polio program health care workers has been able to reach out to millions of children arround the country.
Still, even though Polio is eradicated from the country there is a large number of people who is suffering from a so called Post Polio Recidual Syndrome.
This is a condition in which people who recovered from Polio starts to experience new sign and symptoms 15 up to 30 years after the recovery which is common in 25-30% of Polio-cases.
The signs and symptoms will be very long and slow in progress and develops with weakening of muscles, difficulties in walking, motor dysfunctions etc.
Last week I got to meet a 27 year old woman who suffers from a Post Polio Recidual Syndrome. She came to the hospital since she's been having troubles in walking and to keep her balance. Her lower legs and feet had deformities, and she was very small in size and thin.
The thing is that there is not much to do about the sign and symtoms more than giving paliative care and strengthen the muscles. The doctors was a bit thoughtful of what could be done for the women, and so they gave her supportive shoes that will straighten when while she is walking.
So, eradication yea, but the remnants of the disease will remain for another number of decades.
One step at a time towards the big goals!
--------------------------> UNICEF