Go, Goa!

And so, after a 26 hour long bus ride I arrived in Mapusa, Goa! Long bus rides should not be underestimated. One meet new people and get the chanse to get to know them more since a bus ride opens up a lot of opportunites for interesting conversations and relaxing hang outs! Simply by asking -where are You going? Where are You from? Is this your first time you're going to Goa? Shall we share the dinner during the next stop?
I had a interesting time trying to communicate with two cute gujarati kids who didin't know any English, any my gujarati is equal to zero so... We looked outside the window watching the landskape shift and laughted each time the bus drived over a bump and made up jump up in the air!
Another interesting creature I met on the bus was Aakash from Baroda, Gujarat; a graduated engineer who also was planning to start the new year with friends in Goa. Thanks to him I jumped of in the right city, and we shared a taxi since we were going to nearly the same area. And, since it was my first time in that part of Goa, it's always nicer to go with someone who knows the area well. We also had a late lunch and shared our fist beer in the wonderful atmosphere of Goa!
I just couldn't understand that I finally had arrived...:) Enjoy, enjoy your holiday Maddie... 
So, I arrived to an appartment in Candolim where my friend Jeenie and I had planned to sleep during our stay. We were eight people sharing the appartment - a group of friends and friends friends!
And Goa was just amazing... It was all about the beach, bathing in the arabic sea, drinking beer, eating great food - simply relaxing, yaar!
Of course it's a very touristic place, people wanting to take pictures of you etc. Jeenie and I did say yes to get one picture taken together with a cute boy whose father wanted a picture!
Another guy desperately asked us one evening if we could come with him to his  appartment just for ten minutes to "have some fun"... :P
Theese good looking guys from Kashmir came up to Jeenie and I and asked for a photo. And so I said yes if they let Me take a photo of them. When we went back two of the guys came up to us riding the bike and gave us some chocolate;)  Umm....thank you?!:D
New Year was celebrated in Anjuna dancing barefoot on the beach to the sound of western electro music:)
We danced until four in the morning; together with our "appartment group" and with randome funny people. Sometimes there were Indian women and children who came up to us randomly begging for money while we were dancing. This made the situation very weird of course constantly being reminded about what kind of country am actually in.
In the end of the night there was this Indian guy who wanted to dance with me. But since I felt that he was crossing my line of acceptible distance between two people dancing I tried to avoid him. And when he wanted to say good bye he huged me and then tried to kiss me. I got so mad and simply just pushed him away and hit him on the shoulder with my palm, and then he just left.  
While I was waiting to get some night food an other guy that I had been dancing with a little bit before came up to me, gave me a Kit-Kat-chocolate and told me simply that "not all Indian men are the same".
His words kind of won back a little bit more hope for improvement of the mentality in Indian men...
On the way back to our appartment I decided to meet up my new found friend Aakash, and so I ended my New Years celebration drinking Rom&coke on a hostel room floor  and chatting with Aakash and his friends - sucha nice group of people!
One year ended, and another new year started. I can only agree with all the people who every year see the begining of a new year as a opportunity to stary fresh, new year resolutions that will be broken within a week, new year resolutions that will change a persons life forever, a start of something new.
I do believe I have the courage to say that for every new year I put behind me is a year that was even greater than the last one. I want to believe that every era in a persons life is the greatest no matter what age. I've spent 1 ½ year in India, and it's been the best thing I've ever done in my life so far despite that I miss my family and friends back home; despite the amount of time I put reading books and writing assignments; despite the fact that I have to live with a curfew after midnight; despite so many other things that I do miss.
Hard work never goes unrewarded.
And so I left Goa being reminded about the reason why I choosed to come here and filled with new energy to continue another semester in Manipal:)
Happy New Year yaar!!