Holiday in Sweden

Man,..four weeks of holidays got over like a super fast klick of a pic...
I finished my final practical exam on 1pm 26th June, and 1.45pm I took a taxi to Mangalore Airport to reach the flight to Bangalore at 4.35pm and fly out from India at midnight. In Bangalore I got a couple of hours to spend, and so my friend Shrekanth (sooo nice of you dear!) were sweet to met me up. I got to see his place, meet his friends and got a bikeride throught the empty streets of Bangalore..
Back home in Sweden I started the holiday with surprising my parents by arriving one day earlier than planned at our home in Sösdala! They were surprised indeed...:) And I spent the following three weeks with friends and family only..
Dinners and parties with sweetest friends!! Gooosh, I miss the party scene in Malmö... The people, the cosy places around the city, Möllan, biking around the streets,..
I also noticed that I ended up in a lot of conversations with friends regarding personal relatioships.
Yea, we get older and tend to get into more complicated situations in life, I get it...:P It was just an interesting observation that made me think of how many thoughts that must go in and out of all our minds right now regarding our choice of life patterns, and how different choices we are all making in life! But regardles the path you all, my sweetest friends, are taking, you should know that I support you no matter what you choose to do!! As long as you choose the path that makes you happy and strive towards your dreams!! <3      
Got a massive sun burn on my thighs after a sweet biking ride from Copenhagen to Helsingör with Sabbe!
I ended up eating a lot of sushi when I was home since it's not available in India. And even if it wore available I wouldn't have taken the risk to eat it..
I also got a sudden craving for Saffron bread (lussekatter) during my homestay. This bread is usually made during christmas time. But since I was not home last christmas I decided to bake it anyway! Yuuummie:)

And another day I got an idea of trying to make my very own version of Indian Palak Paneer (spinach and a type of cottage cheese curry)! And so I invited some friends over so I could have an excuse to make Indian food, and of course to meet Ylva and Henrik..!!;)
And do you know what,.the food turned out to be a hit with my mom:) I got reeaally proud!
Went on an awesome bike ride with my dad and visit our relatives in Blekinge, the state in Sweden wich also is called the garden of Sweden:)
Crayfish party with the family:)
Picknick and cabaret evening in Helsingborg with the family:)
It was an intense but wonderful stay back home... I just looooove the summer times....:)
And I can never tell you enough how much it means to me that, even if I don't live in Sweden, and even if I am not physically there in my family and friends daily life and weekdays it sill feels so natural when I come home and get to see you again:) You directly take me into your lifes, share your daily life and problems as if I was never away, and that means the world to me. Just so you all know.. <3
You mean a lot to me, and I love you all <3
And pleeease, are soooo welcome to visit me in India! I'll arrange the stay, and we'll make it happen!:)