Happy Holi!

Last monday we got a holiday, believe it or not, since Holi was celebrated!
It is one of the oldest and biggest festival celebrated mostly in the north of India, and the celebration starts on the evening by lightening a bondfire. The next day is the main day, and is called Dhuleti. On this day people throw colors on each other, dancing to music and wish each other Happy Holi!
There are many stories behind the celebration and it has changed over the years. Earlier it also used to be a special rite performed by married women for their families happines, wellbeing and  for the full moon. But the celebration is maninly about the victory of good over evil and true devotion, about forgivness but also a way to welcome the spring which happens mainly in the north! In the south of India people worship the love God, Kaamadeva, on the day of Holi.
I didn't get a propper explanation though about the reason why people throw colors on each other. Not even from my Indian friends. Someone who can give me an answer on that?!

Holi was celebrated in many places in Manipal! But I went to KMC Greens with Jeeanie and met some one my classmates there! It was soo much fun:)  
I had A LOT of problems to get the colours of thought, and I still got some pink spots on my eye brows, and my hair is still coloures red and dark brown.. We had clinicals the day after, and a lot of my college friends gave me an extra look, teachers just smiled when they saw me...