Another year has come, and it couldn't have started any better than it did; with my love on the beach in a beautiful country, amazing feelings...:)
I have so many wishes for the new year, and many of them are following each other. No wish if not the other one will come true, if you all know what I mean...?
I wish that all the good forces in universe...
... will give me enough strength to go through my last 1½ year in India, cause at the moment I am getting tired of college life, the constant, 24/7 pressure from assignments, teachers,
...will give me more energy for 2015, cause the last two months I have felt more tired, eg. falling asleep during classes, which never happened to me before.. and I am trying to understand Why I've felt that way.
...will guide me in making good decisions in life that will foster the life in the people around me and myself.
...will work towards goodness and bliss.
...will keep up my motivation in order to reach my goals.
...will keep up my faith in humanity and in the goodness in every human being despite the fact that not every person act on the same belief. I've been enlightened with the simple fact and come to understand that peoples actions are based on greed and selfishness. And that could sometimes be good as long as the reason for it is based on bringing goodness and balance to the force in this universe. But noooo, not everyone have that reason...
...will keep my family, friends and love in good health and happiness. And may every setback and success in life be for the good <3
At the moment I wish that I would be young forever, in this world and to share it all with You, what all beauty and joy the world has to offer. But also all the necessary pain and tragedy that we face as human beings. Be young, doing crazy things, because together we are crazy...!! 
Welcome 2015, to infinity and beyond...<3