Finally some greenery

Ok, so it's been a while since my last blog poste. A lot of things has happened, and at the same time not much things at all...;)
We decided to move to a new place in the end of January, and so it took some time to arrange it all, decide where to live, move all the things etc. Even though I have to admit that I wasn't the one making the greatest effort to it all...:P
But now, I believe most of the things in the apartment is fixed, and it feels really, really good:) It's a small building, and I kind of like it that way.
I also bought some plants for the balcony!! It might not sound as much of an event. But the thing is that this is the first time I got it. I've really missed having plants in my place. A home feels really empty without flowers and greenery. And after a few weeks with yellow leafs, my hibiscus FINALLY bloomed!! Haha:) I can't describe how happy I was when I got home from class and saw this miracle;) It drinks water like crazy... 
Well, I might not have as green fingers as my mother but...;)  
I've been living alone since two weeks now, which kind of sucks.. One don't realize how much time one actually spend with a person until the person is no longer there... But it also hit me that it was such a long time ago I did things on my own! I also realized how many things that have changed in my life, and how much I've changed.. But yea, that's a heading for another blog poste;)
Two more weeks is left for our Neurology posting, and last week we'll have our first practical exam...!!! Can't believe it... third year is going to an end...:S The Neuro-posting is really, really interesting, and during this posting I feel I've gained more courage to speak and interact more with the other health care workers, asking questions and questioning how they are working.  Questioning is a very important way of learning, and I've discovered that it's a very good way for me to learn things.
Be safe Love...
To the inevitable and beyond!