And so the 30th April passed, and I got to be reminded of the many things I missed out while doing my stuff over here. 
No, am looking for anyone to pity me, it's just facts. 
Yesterday my parents celebrated their 27th marriage anniversary which is just so cool and awesome. Imagin spending most of your sleeping and awakening time with just one person, the love of your life, for the rest of your life. Magic. 
I missed out of a person's Bay which he wanted to spend in his loneliness so... Respect... ("v")
And, again, I missed out another Valborg  celebration back home. I know it's  not much to watch an big open fire but it's the whole tradition that's makes it a little tear breaking.. having the first barbecue of the year, hanging out with friends, watching young people getting drunk for their first time (yea, it's a said fact that many young people tastes their first alcohol during Valborg celebration) being drunk yourself and go out for dancing till the morning rises,..;) 
I hope you all enjoyed though! 
Can't believe it's the month of May...:)

May May be a fruitfull one!

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