Tired studying

My gooosh, am getting tired studying... Am tired of teachers who talks to you like you`re still in primary school, and a college who treats you like one is 15. Am tired of walking the same college corridors and the same streets taking me to the college, library, home and college again.
But am thanking the universe every time I see the glowing faces of my sweet classmates...;) You really make the days going smoother. Girls sending notes from one to another, hiding snacks under the table and share with others when the teacher can`t see you, eating breakfast, drawing mehendi on each others hands during class, asking me what I did in the weekend when the teacher just asked everyone to answer her very important question regarding group dynamics,  writing assignments but pretend as if you`re taking down notes...Goosh, I don`t know what other crazy things I`ve seen happening during class over the years.. 
Man, we just got to have one hell of a party when we finish!!
God bless you all....:)