''I'm fine'', f*ck that...

Am getting tired of living in a shallow society where everyone is lying to them self and others, as one is trying to obtain a facade where lying would be a way of convincing one self that what they are saying is actually true. 

- How are you?
- Am ''fine''..

Really? There are a million ways to express once emotional status, and you choose ''fine'' as one of the best one, 365 days a year. 
But am guessing that you're not ''fine'' every day. Cause in the end you're also a human being who change emotional status every now and then. Some people more than others. Myself is sure getting more sensitive and closer to tears the older I get.
But why are we constantly giving the same answer to the same question, every day and almost every time someone is asking us? Am asking how you are because I want to know and thereby expecting a sincere answer. Sure, I guess people are asking how one is doing in order to just acknowledge a persons presence. And giving a simple and uncomplicated answer is just easier. We don't want to bother anyone with our problems right? But are we not more human than we can't face a person's daily ups and downs? And yeas, if you're really, really happy people shouldn't be bothered to know. In fact, that joy should be shared and most of the time your joy is others joy as well. We live in a collective where everyone is facing more or less the same problems in life. 
So f*k that you're ''fine'' and tell me the truth instead!


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Håller med dig till Max! Fråga inte om du inte tål att höra sanningen! Puss Emma

Svar: Absolut!!;)

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