Doctors, behave!

 So, during my four years as a nurse students I've come across a number of occations where doctor students have got much better treatment than the nursing students in the clinics. They are always allowed to take up space in the wards, but we nursing students have to find a small corner to stand in during our clinical teaching. Or we may not be alowed to listen during rounds, cause it has to look as if we're working all the time. There's nothing that look more bad than a nurse who has nothing to do, but a doctor can sit in his comfy chair without a problem. We need to put up our hair in a descent bun and only wear one pair of earings. Make up and nailpolish is strictly forbidden.
But doctors can aparently have whatever style they want. If someone in the hospital would happen to see a nursing student with a phone in their hand there would go a call directly to our Dean. But does anyone say anything to the doctor students? I can't remember how many times I've seen a doctor student clicking a pic of a client's health history chart.
And speaking of clicking a pic. When a person get admitted to a hospital one of the most important thing for a care taker to keep in mind is to respect and maintain the client's integrity. But most of that disappears as soon as one enter the hospital. Sadly, but true... One of the rules is that one is not allowed to click a picture of someone without permission. And guys, don't ask me how many times I've seen doctor take pictures on their client's affected body parts without even asking for permission. It hapened to me once. And yea, I don't really mind that they're taking pics due to learning purpose. Very understandable. But for heaven sake ASK first before clicking. It's a vital thing to ask for permission, even for a doctor. It's even more insulting when you're lying on the operation table and you won't know what's happening, or you're in ICU and not able to communicate cause there's a tube stuck down in your trachea. And suddenly there's a doctor who wants to take a pic of your very interesting colourful mark on your chest who no one ever seen before.
No, doctors, behave and show some respect, please!