Grocery shopping

12pm - am stepping into the grocery store, as so many times before. What do I need today.. milk, maybe some apple lassi to spice up the morning yea, yoghurt, peanuts (Plain? Masala? Salted? Chili?), juice...same things as usual..oh yea Cat food...
Suddenly I noticed a happy girls voice started talking with the owner.
- "Hi, yea am leaving Manipal today. For good. Take care. And say hello to your wife ok! See you, or yea maybe not but. Thanks for everything. Take car! Bye!"
My eyes followed her walk to the white taxi that I knew was waiting for her outside. 
Everyone who plan to leave Manipal for eternity leaves in a white taxi. Standard. Taking them to the closest airport, and boom, gone with the wind.
And I'm standing there in the grocery store thinking, and just longing for my turn to leave. It does not have to be in a white taxi. By foot is also fine. But I'll make sure that my whole life will be 1) in a backpack, and 2) walking next to me...:)
Oh, what else was there... eggs....
Bless you all...

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