Labor theatre posting finished:)

I finished a week in the labor theatre yesterday. And I was in the neonatal ICU the week before that. So I've been cuddling with a lot of new borns lately:) Simply just amazing...
 It's been one of my best clinical posting ever. Well, actually it's called internship. But to me there's no difference between clinical posting and internship. We're getting separate evaluation in clinical posting as well as Internship. But in the end it's all about gaining knowledge and experience in the clinical area so.
I had this great, great whish before my internship started that I wanted to do it somewhere else, maybe in Sweden, in order to broaden my clinical experience and knowledge. Which could only be a good thing if you want to become more independent. And India, particularly need to strengthen their nurses independence and critical thinking, indeed. They are really knowledgeable, but the hospital doesn't recognize their knowledge all the time. Some doctors doesn't even know what nurses are studying. External internship creates independence and responsibility of your own gained knowledge.
Anyway, that train has left... Working in the Labor Theatre made me feel really good, and the sisters were really nice and friendly. It made you feel as if you were a part of something and that you did good. Same feeling I got working in the Operation Theatre during our 2nd year. Also, working in a hospital doesn't always mean you have to work with sick people. Obstetrics is, most of the time, about happy and exiting moments. Yea, your supporting a woman who's in sever pain and sometimes critical situations. But you're being a part of a great moment in a persons/family's life! And That's just an amazing feeling. And then you get to cuddle a little with the newborn of course;)
It's been amazing following a woman from her admission to LT till the time she's delivered and giving breast feed for her first time. Being with her through her pains and contractions, holding her hand, telling her that she's doing great, telling her to relax, rub her back, tell her to push (or in kannada "bikki, bikki") and finally "finished", "good job", "Congratulation" :)
I can't understand how dad's just don't want to be a part of that process, or why they are not allowed sometimes. They should! It's a such a cool thing, and you'll only get closer to your partner.
My man, my love, I know you'll be there for me no matter what! ("v")
I'm seriously into giving birth in water. Looks so cool and relaxing as a labor could be:)

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