Convocation time!!

And finally D-day was hear!!
After four years of intensive studies and clinical practice PLUS one extra year of waiting before writing my last exam...The toughest thing I've ever gone through and at the same time the best thing I've ever done in my life!! And I couldn't have done it without support and patience from my parents and my love who faced my daily dose of frustration and irritation  of all college stress. And of course supported me during the whole time.
I'll be writing about "truths & myths" about Manipal and its University soon. Since I've had quite an experience here. Both good and bad one.
Now, we're planning the rest of the year. I will probably not work as a nurse in India, but there are some ideas in my head which I'm working on a little bit in silence. So we'll see how it all turns out😉

We've put our hopes and believes into our ideas! But so far I feel we're on the right track in life🙂
And thank you all for the wonderful wishes🙂


1 Emma:

Så himla glad för din skull!! Äntligen!! STORT GRATTIS VÄNNEN! <3

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