Queens of Parvati Valley

We're sitting around the tandori heater. I'm shivering like crazy. My but is cold and my feet are warm.
But she is not freezing. One of many power women from the beautiful valley of Parvati. She is used to the cold that suddenly hits you when the sun disappears behin the mountain tops. She knows how to keep herself warm. Or maybe her body have adjusted to the harsh climate since childhood. But it's more than her ability to adjust to the harsh climate that makes her a power woman. Since childhood she has never left the valley. She grew up with her parents and sisters in a house warmed up with the help of firewood which they had to collect around the area on a daily basis. She went to school but not to college. And seeing a girl hanging out with a boy with out consequences was not an option at all. And so there was just one option for her in life. To get married.
And so she found a man. But since her family was not agreeing to her choice of husband they did not allow him to enter her family house. Initially they stayed in a simplr room while he worked at a tourist camp and brought her food in the evenings when he came home. But since 6 month back they live in a tent outside a restaurant building that we have helped them to construct. And during this season they got an income by renting out tents and maintaining a restaurant!
The plan is to build concrete houses by next year. And the first house will be for them and their future family since they are also expecting a baby in may!!
I just pray that they will be able to manage the winter and stay healthy in that harch climate..!!
Himachel and Parvati is a wonder valley for tourists to spend time in cosy hotels or for those who prefer an adventure in a blissful trekking!
But for locals it means daily work in order to keep warmth and to earn money for the day to bring food for their family.
 And there we sat arounaround the heater on their kitchen floor. And suddenly she starts telling me how lucky she thinks I am, based on all my privilege I'm being born with. And at the same time I'm being filled with guilt feelings of hearing what I'm hearing and of being the person I am. Something she can't put a blame on. Something I can't put a blame on. It's just the way it is.
What do one respond to that...?
I believe we all have a capacity of doing the best of the tools we have been given in life. And despite the distance and difference between us I've found a friend🙂 We are so different, but our basic needs in life, both as a woman and a  human being, are the same! So we have so many things in common of course!
She even asked me to be present at the time of birth..!! No need to go to the hospital she thought. Her grandmother have help many woman during their birth period. So all she though of what that her grandmother and me could be there. I panicked in my thoughts and told her nicely that when that day comes please go to the nearest hospital, and if I'm able to I'd be there with her I would love to..<3 If you only knew how much I admire you oh young woman and my dear friend🙂


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Fint att få vara en del av en helt annan värld! Läskigt ändå hur enkelt dem ser på förlossningar och här i Sverige har vi så sjukt mkt hjälpmedel och tillgångar om ngt går fel! Fast säkert också väldigt många fler levande vid en förlossning. Kul att äntligen få lite uppdateringar ❤️❤️❤️

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