Do you believe in horoscope?

Good morning friends and loved ones:)
I red the horoscope online today, and it said: 
"Take your time! The direction your life is taking is more evident to you but, unfortunately, other aspects are as blurry as ever. You're in the process of major internal transformation, dear Leo, and it isn't always easy. You'll have to tolerate feeling lost and unstable for a while. In the end, you'll be all the more blessed for having experienced this difficult time".
Oh goosh, the horoscope couldn't explain it better than this. 
So, now it's been a few days ago since I came back to Manipal, and I feel I'm about to loose it.
My mind is all over the place, and I can't put focus on anything else but what I should NOT do. 
I sleep, I make food, I go for walks, I watch the news, I take long showers, I watch nonsens on youtube, I drink coffee like crazy...everything else exept studying.. I started reading some old notes yesterday, but that's as far as I've come. My head is spinning with worries about everything else but the exam, and I have to push myself out of bed every morning to get the day started. Somewhere I KNOW it's just a phase in life, but what if it never ends? This morning I even woke up with stomach cramps...woooho:)
Or am I just missing my bf...:/
I do believe that the moon and our solar system affect us people and our way of feeling and behaving to a certain extent. And if not, it's just a fun reading!
Take good care of one another:)

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