So the start in India was soo romantic at a stay at sun & sand near the beach in Mumbai. But som how I did feel alittle dizzy and not at all 100%, so maybe I got a small shock being back in India..;)
And after a night out we travelled back to Manipal, assessed our apartment, see our sweetheart Valium and packed our bags to take a night bus to Bangalore and then night flight to Pushkar, Rajasthan.
So at this time of the year there is a Camel fair going on where dealers buy and sell camels and horses as well as all kind of accessories for animals, Rajasthani sweets, food, karuseller etc -  a beautiful happening to be around!

So we roamed around the camel fair area looking at different camels (so beautiful they are, such a pride in their pose standing there chewing) and talking to sellers, learning about how to see difference between a good and strong camel compare to an old one. And in between seeing snake whisperers sitting on the street playing flute and taiming their cobras...
We also spent two nights at a "camel safari resort" out in the "desert" promising authentic Rajasthani food and dance performances in nice conkret room. But we ended up having breakfast and dinner with the family living there only and got to know their living and life stories. Something one can't put a price tag on. Seriously.
A short and intense stay in Pushkar. But we'll be back in Rajasthan for sure soon. There must be so much more to explore☺

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