We are about to buy our tickets for ziplining while a couple of children are standing behind us, poking out arms and asking for all kind of things; icecream, water, money..
"Nahin, nahin!!"
I've come to the conclusion that giving money to people who beg (adults or children) will not make a change in anyone's life. You simply encourage the thought that one does not have to work to earn money. 
We walk away from the counter and one of the children continues to follow us and ask us for money. Sadu asks why they are not in school. No answer. She continues to repeatedly ask for money.
Finally he raises his voice and tell them that we'll call the police if they don't stop.
"Call  police if you want", the girl replies and stoped following us. 
I was shocked. Where did that attitude come from?!
The ziplining was so much fun (!!). But wherever we go we are always reminded of reality. In every happy memory there is always a sad moment of truth reminding us about the world we live in. And I am so thankful for that. Cause I don't want to live in a bubble where everything is supposed to look perfect when the world is not.
There is beauty in a torn shirt.
And I love things that looks old and worn out.
But I'm starting to loose hope on the Indian government.

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