What is love

What is love?
Is it when heart meets heart and they both skip a beat
Do you need to know each other for a long time or Could it happen when two strangers meet?
Is the love of today same as the love of tomorrow
And, does love come with sorrow?
Could you love as there is no tomorrow
Is it love when you feel attraction
Or is it just the horny you when you get into busy-action
Can love grow and can it replicate
Maybe it can change its shape?
I know I love my spouse
But can I love my dear pet mouse?
Can I love more than one at the same time
Or is it just me in a confused state of mind
And if I can fall In love maybe I can fall out...
Without knowing what that was all about
Is it love when I feel jealousy?
Or is it just a great hatred in me
Is it love when I want you to not be with anyone but me
Or when I chose not to be with you and let you be free
What does love mean to you?