To Give Or Not To Give - Money!

Do you think it's right to give money or food to someone who is begging for it?

I've had this discussion during many occasions with people. And I tend to end up at the same conclusion - give food but Not money
To give food to anyone is to give a blessing. Food caring is life caring! But if you give money to someone who is asking for money - when will that person learn that in order to gain income one has to work for it!
And begging is not a propper job according to me! 
If you give money to eg. kids who are begging on the streets, what will the end lesson be to them? Simply that if you beg you'll get money and you don't have to work in order to earn it.  
You don't have to put your mind and body effort into work in order to gain money for food and stability in life to live. 
But, to simply ask strangers on the road will be engough for me to survive.
To ask other people for money, people who have worked, and many times, slaved their asses off in order to gain their righteous amount of money; in what way is that right? 
This might sound harsh to a Swedish audience. But in India I have come to know how the system works. And the work climate is even more worse over here considering work opportunities and the competition! 
I've been blessed with the work I have chosen as an income in my life (knock, knock on woods). But I've also met people who have reminded me of the social system that we live in; a social system that, many times, makes it more difficult for a common man/woman to make a righteous earning.
No need to make begging illegal, just don't support it when you don't know when the money is going!