Female rikshaw driver

We stoped an auto to ask for a ride and got a nice surprise when we saw that the rikshaw driver was a woman☺ We got a good deal on the ride and I surprised her with my simply knowledge of the local language of Kannada. And suddenly this drive became so much more interesting! She shared a part of Her life story and told us how she is making a living by having an open restaurant at midnigt and early mornings and that a French woman bought her the rikshaw. Since there are not many female rikshaw drivers they also face alot of judgements such as "women can't drive" and telling her why she's not doing other more "typical women's work".
But her story just made my day and I told her that she's a great inspiration, not just to other women but to society as a whole, and that she should not listen to all negative comments but insted stay strong and keep fighting. She's a great example of how to bring change into this world!

Lots of Love to all women out there who are fighting on a daily basis for their equal right to a righteousness living.  
Peace out☺

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