Last class with my class...

So, today we had our last class in college. It was not much of class but more of running up and down the stairs catching teachers and asking for their sign in the procedure book. Some teachers being more happy than others to sign them, but yea;)
Am still "looking forward" to a few more classes in july though since the college decided to add a new Geriatrics class to the syllabus.. 
But man, am looking forward to a month of changing atmosphere and to breath in some fresh air. I really need to get out of here for some time...and of course a little bit of studies;)
So yea, last Saturday before a month of "study leave". I "celebrated it" with a glass of wine (first one in a month, omg it tasted good), sent clothes for cleaning, and cleaned the apartment.
And while cleaning the apartment a little creature started running around in the kitchen, and later our cat found it and cought the mouse...!! Goosh, I just couldn't let that happen and took him away and let the mouse go. But I swear that the mouse was playing dead for a moment, and later it ran away somewhere..
I guess Valium is angry with me now cause I took away a little bit of his fun..:/
So this was my Saturday evening. Feel kind of old and boring hearing all youngsters screaming and running around outside the apartment building. And someone is throwing a party somewhere in the house with not the best lullaby playing, so we'll see if this aunty will get some good sleep tonight..;)
Miss you love...